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How TikTok closes the month in nearly half the time

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How Kwai stays compliant with the ever changing labor laws in LATAM

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How Dengo Chocolates eliminated extra hours related manual work

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  • Great, I use it at home and at work; it works great.
    Mike M
  • Undoubtedly the best app for punch management. In addition to solving problems with my company's hours, Bianka at customer service is very nice! D+.
    Lorrie L
  • In my opinion, it is a great attendance application. Still missing some functions but nothing that compromises its use, which is very pleasant. The interface is simple and beautiful. When synchronizing with other platforms, it worked perfectly. I recommend it to everyone who wants to have a control app.
    Leonid L
  • Excellent app! Very intuitive and easy to use. It is making it much easier to manage requests for allowances, vacations, and time off at my company. I highly recommend it, especially for small businesses, which is my case.
    Daniel D
  • I really liked it; I'm starting a startup, and I believe this app will help a lot. In the future, when I'm actively using it, I want to make a donation :).
    Lily L
  • I really liked the application. Very cool, congratulations on the app. Loved it.
    Benjamin B
  • Congratulations to the person(s) who created this App; it's simple and easy to use.
    Abigail A
  • Excellent app ;).
    Dylan D
  • The application fulfills what it promises, and with each passing day, it gets more complete. They are always ready to clarify doubts and provide support in a timely manner.
    Ella E
  • Top-notch. I manage to control the hours of my employees, even if they are at a distance. I recommend.
    Harper H
  • I save more time using this app.
    David D
  • Amazing app for managing my business!
    Amelia A
  • Good app. Even for who people don't know how to use it properly and start off incorrectly.
    Daniel L
  • Very good, I use and recommend.
    Charlotte C
  • Simple and efficient app. Excellent for time management in the company. Support team is a 10/10. 👏
    Mia M
  • Too many mistakes!
    Joshua J
  • No queues, everything is connected.
    Sophia S
  • Very good.
    Andrew A
  • A good app! I recommend.
    Isabella I
  • I'm going to start using it now, let's see.
    Ethan E
  • Great tool for its intended purpose!
    Ava A
  • Congratulations on the app. Too bad it's still in the testing phase and can only be installed once. As it will soon become paid for, being a great app, I am waiting. I hope people stop giving one star because they think the employee can edit the schedules. 👉😆
    Jacob J
  • Seems to be a very good and easy app. I'm still testing.
    Olivia O
  • Perfect.
    Matthew M
  • Beautiful, easy to use, and efficient!
    Emma E
  • Great application for managers, both for MEI and Ltd.
    Michael M
  • Pasta.
    Emily E
  • There should be an option for public holidays, both national and municipal, for those who are paid on holidays so that companies can be aware. Also, they should fix the issue of the exit punch; often one ends up spending an hour more than the planned time, and it looks like they were leaving early.
    James J
  • Very good and nice.
    Neimar N
  • Very good...👍🎯.
    Giovana G
  • Very practical and interesting.
    Nathania N
  • Top, loved it.
    Fernanda F
  • Very good 👏🏽👏🏽.
    Luciano L
  • Very good and easily accessible.
    Michael M
  • Cool app – easy enough to use, and pretty affordable
    Willie S
  • Very cool; congratulations to the creators.
    jomay j
  • Need a tutorial on how to use it.
    Carol C
  • Testing.
    Adiel A
  • Locator does not find me. It’s that simple. My GPS works normally in other apps, but not in this one. I managed to clock in correctly only 3 days; the others required authorization, which always sends me to HR.
    Caio C
  • Efficient.
    André A
  • Great!
    Douglas D
  • Great app!
    Victória V
  • In the best way.
    Wesley W
  • For now, it works fine.
    Adriano A
  • Major!
    Ed E
  • Top.
    Felix F
  • Useful.
    Fernando F
  • Very good, I recommend.
    jardeljardel j
  • Excellent!
    Clayton C
  • Very good application. Practical and useful. I love that I can create locations through WiFi and have all the data in real time.
    toshizo t
  • Excellent app!
    leonardo l
  • It could be more focused and professional as it aims to cater to a business audience, but the intention is very good.
    Fábio F
  • I really like the ease of use.
    Marinilda M
  • Unfortunately, I can't use it on my cell phone. I downloaded the program and after entering my phone number, I get a message saying "Oops... try later". I’ve been trying for more than 48 hours. After intervention by Vinícius da Oitchau, the problem was solved on the same day.
    josielde j
  • Good.
    Chrystofan C
  • Excellent.
    Diana D
  • I can't trust the bank of hours. It is never correct. Support does not respond.
    Nilziane N
  • The app is getting worse. For instance, when someone clocks in at 7 am, "return from break" appears. We pay to use it, but it's deteriorating daily.
    GuiPaizante G
  • Very practical. It is simple to use and has made my life much easier when I work outside the company. The fact that I don't need internet to clock in helps a lot. The few times I needed support, I was very well attended.
    Rute R
  • Practical, intuitive, and efficient app. I recommend!
    Roberto R
  • Easy and intuitive.
    olegario o
  • We've been using it for months now with no real issues. Give it a try!
    Paula N
  • It works, but a very important part is missing, which is the balance of hours. This feature already exists on iOS; please match the platforms!
    Denis D
  • Nice app – saves us a lot of time.
    Oliver O
  • Good.
    Amanda A
  • Good!
    Mateus M
  • Simple and saves paperwork
    Vinicius Ve
  • Simple and functional.
    rafael r
  • The best.
    matheus m
  • Functional.
    Snoop S
  • We're a team of only 6 employees. Happy with it
    Reynaldo R
  • Affordable, functional – that's all I was looking for
    Jona E
  • After the update, the app crashes every time I try to clock in.
    Carlaloiranachbar C
  • This app facilitates remote work – logging hours, scheduling holidays, etc. It can use more automation.
    Leonndro L
  • Good.
    Gladson G
  • I've been using this app for a while now, and it's been an excellent experience. 👍
    Vitor V
  • This app is good for timekeeping
    Erica A
  • This is one of the best time-keeping companies.
    Bruno Y
  • Very functional, excellent!
    Deiverson D
  • Great app. Meets expectations.
    cicero c
  • Everyone at my company can use it on their mobile devices, except for me. It’s an impressive app, but I wish I could use it on my phone.
    Felipe F
  • The app offers practicality, detailed information, and easy navigation.
    No N
  • Very practical 👏👏👏
    Tiago T
  • Excellent.
    Flavio F
  • It works!
    neves n
  • Best time-tracking app I’ve ever used.
    alice a
  • The concept is excellent, but implementing it within the company was not easy. Still worth it.
    Rafael Re
  • I use it all the time – I am a Sales consultant.
    Márcio M
  • Sugarplum.
    Patrick P
  • Very good app.
    Uelder U
  • Efficient.
    Zezé Z
  • This is an excellent way to clock in; very straightforward and easy to understand.
    Leticia L
  • All my issues were addressed efficiently by the support team!
    Angel A
  • I am testing it!
    Jaice J
  • Very good, but it could use a vacation management feature.
    Ivo I
  • Great.
    Vagner V
  • I already have an account, but it keeps asking me to create a new one.
    Jhon J
  • Innovative!
    Nilson N
  • I had a minor issue logging in, but it was resolved promptly. Kudos for the efficiency 👍
    M.gabriel M
  • Very attentive and resolves the problem very quickly, congratulations 👏👏👏.
    André A

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