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TikTok Case Study: Day.io Slashes Payroll Closing Time by 40%

TikTok is one of the biggest global brands. It leads as a widely used social network, engaging a diverse user base. With offices worldwide, including LATAM, its HR team sought a solution to navigate the labyrinth of the ever changing labor laws. They recognized the outdated nature of manual time tracking via time books, spreadsheets, and calculators. 

Being a global leader demands investing in solutions that offer:

  • Scale
  • Proven, quantified results
  • Practicality
  • Agility

These core aspects were essential for team management. Thus, TikTok pursued a digital time tracking system fitting their profile and needs. 

For those unfamiliar with digital time management and its benefits for your business – here’s the short version:

Day’s Impact on TikTok

Day.io, through its LATAM brand Oitchau, provides a digital platform for employees to log their work hours online via smartphones or tablets. This approach offers several advantages that enhance HR teams’ efficiency:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Report and dashboard creation
  • Time bank management
  • Easy integration with other systems to automate processes

On their day-to-day, employees log their arrival, departure, and breaks using features like biometry, facial recognition, or mobile apps. TikTok leverages Oitchau’s geolocation technology for precise monitoring of work hours, regardless of location.

Data Security and Legal Compliance

Oitchau securely stores time data, automates calculations of hours worked, overtime, and rest periods, aiding in legal compliance. It adheres to Ordinance 671 (issued on Nov 8, 2021) governing digital time control, ensuring adherence to labor laws and data security.

Payroll Closure Efficiency

Manual payroll processes are prone to errors, time-consuming, and can be costly. Payroll represents a significant expense, making efficiency crucial. TikTok, by adopting Oitchau, experienced:

  • Reduced errors
  • Time savings
  • Easy legal compliance
  • Informed decision-making with intelligent data
  • Fraud prevention through accurate records
  • Mobile access to data
  • Enhanced team scheduling
  • Swift, accurate payroll calculations
  • A transparent system fostering trust
  • Informed decision-making

By transitioning to Oitchau’s digital time control, TikTok streamlined payroll processes, ensuring accuracy, legal compliance, and operational efficiency.

Streamlined Integrations at TikTok with Oitchau

Time tracking is crucial, especially for large firms like TikTok with diverse work setups—remote, in-person, or hybrid. Standardizing time tracking across different methods, be it time clocks or apps, is essential for a unified data processing approach. Oitchau met this challenge head-on, providing versatile integrations. Not only does it sync with various time clocks, but it also allows remote employees to log hours on the go via its mobile app.

Payroll Integration

Oitchau seamlessly aligns with payroll systems, enabling:

  • Data collection from various sources
  • Unified information processing
  • Automated calculations sent directly to payroll sheets

Overtime and Time Bank Management

Managing overtime efficiently is vital as unexpected extra hours can surprise HR. Oitchau enabled TikTok to set clear limits on overtime hours, going beyond policy to provide a system that alerts both managers and staff about potential overages. The system facilitates real-time tracking of overtime, defining:

  • Overtime caps
  • Allocation of overtime hours—either as paid or banked
  • Notifications about potential excesses, promoting better workday organization

This integrated approach by Oitchau not only fulfills legal obligations but also streamlines TikTok’s operational processes, ensuring informed management and a more organized workday for all.

TikTok’s Tangible Gains with Oitchau

Daniel Lopes Neto from TikTok ByteDance’s HR Operation reveals a remarkable 40% time-saving during payroll closings with Oitchau. This 40% isn’t just a statistic—it translates to:

  • Efficient time and energy utilization
  • Sharpened focus on pivotal sector tasks
  • Swift, secure information relay to finance
  • Ample time for data analysis and strategy formulation
  • Proactive problem identification and mitigation

TikTok’s experience testifies to Oitchau’s ability to catalyze a positive transformation in operational efficiency. Read more customer success stories and reviews here!