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Projects and Timesheets

Real-Time Task Tracking

Real-Time Task Tracking with Our Timesheet App

Ever wondered how much time you spend on different tasks? Our timesheet app makes it super easy to keep track. Employees can record all activities in real-time to ensure accurate timekeeping and identify areas of productivity and inefficiency.

  • Anti-fraud security methods which verify identity and location
  • Filter tasks by employee, project, customer and location
  • Data is synchronized in real time across all platforms
  • Know who is working, on what project and for how long
  • Location verification via GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth

Increase Client Satisfaction with Transparency

Keep a close eye on all ongoing projects in a single dashboard, work transparently, keep proof of it – and share it with your clients easily .

  • Add employees’ tasks according to the types of service offered
  • Run multiple projects per client
  • Assign projects by location
  • Manage services and tasks according to their level of complexity and costs

Providing Security to Meet Regulations, No Matter Where You Work has the most advanced security technology, compliant with GDPR rules.

  • Manage permissions and access to maintain data privacy
  • Add activities to projects, and verify employees’ identity, time and location
  • History and time documentation are stored in the cloud and protected from deletions

Certification and Timekeeping Tool

An advanced timesheet tool that gives company executives control over projects and expenses, leading to improved productivity and efficient time management.

  • Create projects and link them to specific customers and locations
  • Employees can work only on the relevant tasks which authorized for them
  • Managers can approve or reject time entries
  • Use bulk actions to make your life much better
  • Adjust requests online and cut the painful bureaucracy

Cut Meeting Dependency with Real-time Communication

Tired of those endless meetings? There are other ways to communicate effectively and manage high-quality projects.

  • Synchronize your project data across the platform – there's no need to clog your inbox with updates and files
  • Use one standard template to manage time
  • Update in real-time with alerts and messages between managers and employees

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