Attendance & time management for SAP SuccessFactors integrates perfectly with SAP SuccessFactors, helping you easily manage your employees' time and payroll

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Organizational structure made easy

By integrating SAP SuccessFactors and, the entire organizational structure of your company configured in SAP SuccessFactors is automatically created in This eliminates the need to re-register all your employees, making the implementation of our system much easier.

Organizational chart by
New employees onboarding by

New employees module

The native SAP SuccessFactors integration with ensures that every new employee registered in SAP SuccessFactors has their information automatically reflected within This streamlines your company’s personnel department, minimizing errors and optimizing your personnel department’s processes.

Absence & vacation module

With the SAP Success Factors and integration, employees can request approval of their leave requests on both platforms, and every active employee in your organization requesting absence or vacation approval will have the information automatically sent to both platforms. You can easily manage absences and vacations through either SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central or

Medical leaves for approval by timesheet

Payroll export module

All employee data on their schedules, absences, and time is reflected within SAP SuccessFactors from the system. This allows for a simple and optimized worksheet closing, which can significantly increase employee productivity for your team.

Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors and integration

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Punch control by

Cross-platform punch control for employee time registration

The SAP SuccessFactors and integration allows your employees to register their time via various methods such as Smartphone, Tablet (Kioski) with facial recognition, Computer (website, browser widget, and desktop app), or even integrated into the REP. This allows for transparency for employees and increased efficiency for HR.

Schedule Management with SAP SuccessFactors

Through the SAP SuccessFactors integration, receives all the information on the registered employees’ schedules. You can easily view and manage time stamps for all employees and approve or reject punches and absence requests with just a few clicks.

Employee schedule management by
Electronic signature by

Secure Electronic Signature for Time Sheets

Close your time sheet with the maximum security of an electronic signature. After completing their month’s punches, employees can sign their time sheet electronically via cell phone or computer. The manager can send a digital copy of the points report by email, and these signatures are recognized by law and have legal value.

Productivity helps managers to increase productivity by providing real-time information that allows them to manage time and attendance effectively. With the platform, managers can save time and focus on other activities while ensuring that their teams are productive.
Compliance is a 100% compliant solution that adheres to LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, and the new Ordinance 671 of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. You can count on it to provide a secure and legally compliant platform for your HR and workforce management.
Save money
Reduce your payroll cost by 1% to 4% by gaining visibility into your employees overtime. allows you to avoid surprises on your payroll by keeping you up to date with the latest information on employee hours.
Payroll Closing
Close your payroll with ease and accuracy using the SAP SuccessFactors and integration. You can close your payroll up to 80% faster, making the process more efficient and effective.
Roles and Permissions
Customize permissions for different users in based on their roles and responsibilities. Managers, HR, and admins have different access levels to improve the user experience and enhance security.
VIP Support's VIP support is global and proactive, providing customers with the best possible experience with the platform.

Q&A: and SAP SuccessFactors Integration

How easy is it for employees to clock in with
Yes, it is very simple for employees to clock in with They can do it via smartphone, tablet (kiosk) with facial recognition, computer (website, browser extension, and desktop app), or even through the REP integrated with
How fast is clocking in with's facial recognition?'s facial recognition technology is the best on the market, taking only 0.3 seconds to register.
How does the integration setup between SAP SuccessFactors and work?
The integration between SAP SuccessFactors and is carried out internally by the technical team, with an SLA of approximately 2 weeks.
What information is handled by the and SAP SuccessFactors integration?
With the integration, receives information on the company's organizational structure, with the definition of managers and employees, defining the level of access according to the data registered in SAP SuccessFactors.
Where does the payroll close happen, in SAP SuccessFactors or
After registering and validating the points recorded in, SAP SuccessFactors will receive the necessary information for a quick and efficient payroll close.
What are the main benefits of SAP SuccessFactors and integration for HR?
The main benefits include increased efficiency and productivity through decentralized point management, automated processes, speed, and assertiveness in payroll closing.
How is data security and privacy ensured with the SAP SuccessFactors and integration? complies with national and global data protection laws such as LGPD, GDPR, and CCPA. The system is 100% secure and anti-fraud, with cryptographic protocols and algorithms with strong keys..
How can retroactive punches be made?
Retroactive punches can be made within the system and carried out by the team manager or account admin, with approval by the employee or by predefined groups.
Is it necessary to register the employee in both SAP SuccessFactors and
No, after the integration is carried out, every employee registered within SAP SuccessFactors will be automatically registered within, requiring no other configurations.
Where should an employee register their absences, in or SAP SuccessFactors?
An employee can register their absences on both platforms, and all information will be reflected within SAP SuccessFactors and
Can teams be self-managed by managers or should all punches be controlled by HR?
With, each manager can adjust punches and make approvals in a few seconds, reducing the workload on HR.
Do I need to inactivate the user in both systems after termination?
No, just like admission, the action taken within SAP SuccessFactors will be reflected within

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