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With your employees have various options for punching in and out. The manager may select which methods apply to which employee or employee group. All methods are equipped with sophisticated Anti-Fraud Mechanisms - and the entire platform works in Real-Time.


  • Mobile Application (iOS/Android)
  • Personal Computer or Notebook
  • Tablet (Kiosk) wherever it is installed
  • Via API Integration
  • Works Offline – even without an internet connection

Time Tracking Software with Notifications & Reminders

The employees may activate the notifications in order not to forget to punch at the right time.

The applications are configurable, so the employees may define when they want the reminders to appear and inform them to punch (based on their respective schedule)

Security & Anti-Fraud in your Employee Time Tracking Software is the most advanced system when it comes to anti-fraud and preventing buddy punching. We're checking Identity, Time & Location with every punch - and any action which is outside the rules defines by the company is reported to the supervisor in Real-Time.


  • Verification of the Device, Date & Time
  • GPS Verification – Confirming that the user within the assigned radius.
  • Wifi – Verifying that the user is within the wifi radius
  • IP – IP Validation is available for Web Punching

Facial Recognition & Voice Commands

Our facial recognition technology is extremely fast (0.3 Seconds), works offline, and it's 1:N which means there is no need to put in a password - avoiding long lines a few times a day. Offer your employees a touchless Voice-activated solution today
Control Excessive Overtime with our Time Tracking app has excellent tools to avoid excessive overtime, we will inform your supervisors in real-time whenever the limit is reached.
Save Time Every Month
Since our platform works in real-time, most of the issues are solved during the month, making the payroll smoother and easy.
Prevent Buddy Punching
Protect your company with our advanced anti-fraud mechanism across all of the available platforms
Our Plan Start at $ 89/month

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