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Easy online timesheet Schedule Management

With our interactive timesheets, you can control the day to day of your employees easily and in Real-Time. One screen that allows you to see and act on all the clock-ins, Absence requests, Schedules, Holidays etc.

  • Clock in Management Individually and per group
  • Intuitive Interface and Experience
  • Multiple Actions for Fast Approvals
  • Fast treatment of any discrepancies

Schedule & Shift Management Software

Easily create schedules for your employees. Day.io supports Weekly schedules, flexible schedules & Shifts.
Each schedule setup has advanced options such as tolerance, notifications, multiple breaks, and other automatation options.

  • Employees clock in according to the schedule
  • Define rules for Late arrivals, early exists and tolerance
  • Real time alerts once these rules are breached
  • Employees receive notifications when it's time to clock in

Flexible work schedules

For a flexible schedule, you need to determine the total hours your employee has to work per day, add a single or multiple breaks (Which also may be flexible), tolerance rules, and the system does the rest.

Work Shift Schedule

You can easily create shifts for your employees and apply the relevant rules for tolerance and validity for each schedule.

Working Night Shifts

Different rules and configurations are available for night shifts - you may apply them for the entire company or for a specific group of employees

Schedule Exceptions

Day.io offers a schedule exception management platform, for special cases where one or more employees need a schedule adjustment for a pre-determined period of time.

Advanced and Hourly Schedule Rules

With Day.io you may configure advanced rules per schedule including tolerance, validity, and much more.

prices start just at $89/mo

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