Digital Signature

For Your Timesheets
Digital Signatures for Timesheets

Submit a digital signature request for your employees

During the payroll preparation, it’s necessary for employees to sign their timesheets.

With the manager may send a signature request to their employees via email or mobile device.

Signature Requests

Signature per group understands the needs of large organizations and different pay periods. The managers are able to send different signature requests to different employee groups in different times of the month.

Digtial Signatures for Payroll Groups

Track the status of the signature request

With the platform, you’re able to see who has already signed the reports and who’s report is still in review. Send a reminder for those who haven’t signed yet.

Digital Signature Workflows

Export the signed reports

Once the employees have signed the reports, the manager is able to export them in PDF  individually or for the whole group. Save on Ink & paper while helping the environment and start using the digital signatures

Digital Signature Reports
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