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Scalability Efficiency & Security
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Save Money
Full Overtime control, and access to reports & records in real-time. Avoid surprises at the end of the month!
Save Time
Automated clock In, with real-time alerts, mass actions, and payroll preparations in a matter of minutes!
Avoid Fraud
Protect your company from false data in point registration, or fraud attempts, with the best security technology.

Manage large teams and complex Scenarios with Day.io

  • Unlimited Scalability with Unlimted Profiles
    With Day.io you can create multiple profiles to manage different companies in one place - with just a single login and password.
  • Multiple Business Rule Groups
    We understand that large companies have multiple scenarios and rules for different groups of employees, with Day.io you can manage all of them from one place.
  • Mass Approvals
    Your time is valuable. Use Bulk Approvals & Bulk Actions to get the job done fast and wrap up payroll preparations in record time
  • Define Different Permission Levels
    We understand the need to have different roles within the same platform. With Day.io you can assign different permissions to various groups of users.

Enterprise Grade Security


Beyond Time & Attendance

Check In/Out

Management of external teams with Day.io - Check In check out, with detailed reports. Follow external sales or technology teams on the same platform.

Absence & Vacations

Use our reports to manage the performance of your team - Check who's late, who is on time. Which team is working extra hours - all data is available in real-time.

Home Office

With the new home office reality, you can use Day.io to properly manage your home office employees in Real-Time

Perfect for all types of enterprises

99% Uptime SLA
99% Uptime guaranteed in our SLA agreement.
Global Coverage
Data Centers in The United States, Brazil & Belgium to attend to all your international needs
Machine Learning
Advanced Algorithms improving the employees' experience over time.
Allow user administration in a central directory
Audit Log
Day.io offers detailed logs for your account activity
Team Management
Centralized team management via mobile & web for you and your supervisors
Allow different roles and permissions for different employee groups.
Daily automatic backup to ensure the safety of your data.
Digital Signatures
Save money on paper and Ink, use our digital signature solution which on mobile and web.
What are our clients saying?

Join more than 300,000 employees using Day.io

"We close payroll much faster now - saving 40% of the time compared with the other time tracking software we tried."
Daniel Lopes Neto, TikTok
HR Operations Coordinator
“All the information is now available in real-time, implementation was very easy”
Wando Wellinton P. de Sá
Human Resource Coordinator - Brazilian Space Agency

Personalized service to guarantee your success!

Dedicated Manager
Work with Day.io specialists who understand your business, challenges, and goals. Choose from a variety of services that precisely meet your team's needs.
We understand how stressful switching can be. We designate your enterprise to be an onboarding specialist to ensure the best experience at the beginning of this transition.
Multilingual VIP Support
For companies that have employees working in different countries and speaking different languages, we offer support in English, Spanish & Portuguese