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Paid Time Off Management

One stop shop for all your PTO/Vacation management needs
Employee PTO/Vacation Management
Custom Requests

100% Customizable Leave Requests

Full-Time Off & Vacation management of your employees with an automated solution. Complete flow from our award-winning applications to your Administration area. While all the approvals and communication is done between your supervisor and employees via the apps.

  • Easily create custom leave categories
  • Define custom fields for each type of leave request form
  • Set up unique calculations depending on the type of leave
  • Allow Attachments with Limits

Employee and Family Medical Leave Request & Management

Employees send their leave request form along with required medical forms through the system. Supervisors review and react in real-time using mobile or other devices. All documentation is kept securely, in one place, guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality.

  • Custom Fields per Request Category
  • Define a Limit for Approval Attachments
  • Define How to Calculate Each Category
Mobile Requests

Vacation Management with our PTO Tracker

Real-time management of vacation requests submitted by employees via their account. No more searching for the right form, trying to read handwriting, or doing calculations. Our reporting system takes care of everything instantly and without error.

Attachments on our PTO tracking software allows employees to add attachments to their leave request forms and submit them to the supervisor for approval. Eliminate unnecessary paper usage and allow real-time communication without extra paperwork.

  • Set allowable attachment formats like PDF, PNG, JPG etc.
  • Define time limits for attachment submission
  • Review the attachments via app or web
Approval Flow

Paid Time Off Approval Workflows

Want to keep various supervisors in the in the loop? Add up to three people to the approval workflow for every leave request. You can also submit people who are copied but not required to review the request.

  • Approval Flow can include up to three people
  • Select supervisors, department managers or specific people
  • Full Approval Log
  • Easily apply automatic approvals
  • Limit amount of monthly approvals and other rules to control staffing levels

Real Time Notifications

Quick communication is key. guarantees every request generates a notification to the relevant people about a leave request form submitted by an employee. Once the request is fully reviewed the employee receives a notification letting them know if their leave is granted or denied.

  • Real Time Notifications via Mobile or Email
  • Detailed Report available in various formats
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