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Project Costs and Billing

Performance Analysis

Confirmations and Charges

Manage your employees’ activities in a few clicks, with real-time updated data.

  • Create tasks, add billing rates, and assign employees
  • Check projects’ status and approve employees’ timesheets
  • Ask accommodations from the relevant employees in each project
  • Save time on project invoicing

Detailed Project Costs

Estimate where the project budget will be directed, and the true value of each task.

  • Add all the types of services your company offers
  • Determine the cost of each service
  • Fixed cost or per hour
  • Select the relevant currency for each project
  • Keep tracking costs for each project and activity

Custom Budgets

Create project budgets with multiple national currencies and custom preferences.

  • Concentrated view of projects and budgets
  • Fixed and recurring budgets
  • Restrictions by hours or costs
  • Real-time alerts to indicate time anomalies and costs
  • Choose from a number of national currencies

Export and Projects Billing enables fast and easy project billing!

  • Ensure that all information is accurate before exporting invoices
  • Export documents in any format and generate digital invoices
  • Use history data to estimate future costs and billings

Costs and Invoices

Access to detailed information regarding project hours, costs and profitability.

  • Generate cost reports and invoices filtered by customer, location or service
  • Use an advanced electronic signature tool - GDPR compliant

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