Todoist time tracking integration

Integrate your projects in tasks with our native integration

What are the advantages of using Todoist with

Advanced Native integration for your team with Todoist

Track project costs

Stay on Budget with Todoist

With Todoist integration with you’re able track time in the Todoist platform, stay on budget, add estimates to your project.

Track Time with Todoist

Allow your team to add time on Todoist and make sure the projects are on track for delivery.

Timesheet approval

Approve work in seconds

Allow the employees to submit their timesheets to be reviewed by their managers. Approval flow is simple and quick via

Custom Reporting

With reports you may get a clear understanding regarding project costs, client revenue, team productivity and much more. Projects report
Increase productivity
Keep the team engaged and allow them to optimize their time per project
Efficient Time Billing
Bill your customers correctly and increase profit margins
Stay on Budget
Make sure you're on track in terms of budget and time for any project in your company

How to track time with Todoist &

Step 1: Register on and enable your Todoist Integration

Takes less than a minute to register and integrate with Todoist and even faster to start tracking time on the platform.

Step 2: Add your time

Add the employees which will be doing the time tracking on Todoist, configure the type of service and cost per hour.

Step 3: Download Browser Extension

Just download and install the Browser extension, either for Chrome or Microsoft Edge and start tracking time for your team

Step 4: Track time on Todoist

You’re done. Now simply start tracking tasks, and see the data flow in to

Frequently asked questions about Todoist Integration

Is the integration between Todoist and Complicated?
No, takes exactly 2 clicks to connect both platforms
How does Integration with Todoist work?
With a few clicks you connect your account with your Todoist account, and you'll populate all the tasks and projects on instantly, this will continue to update as you work on Todoist.
Is there affiliation between Todoist & not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Doist.