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PTO & Banking Overtime

Management Platform

Compensation Phases Management

Olachau Banked Hours & PTO Management system is the most advanced on the market. High levels of customization allow you to create any scenario that is required by your company.

  • Banked Hours Periods
  • Different Phases
  • % Of Compensation
  • Division with PTO

Extra Hours & Banked Hours Reports

Managers and employees may follow the total of Banked Hours & Extra hours via interactive reports or their applications

  • Gere relatórios completos de Banco e Horas Extras pelo Painel;
  • Dados dos relatórios atualizados em Tempo Real;
  • Customize quais colunas deseja adicionar nos relatórios;
  • Baixe nos formatos PDF, CSV e XLSX;
  • Opte por mostrar o saldo parcial de Banco no aplicativo dos funcionários

Notifications in Real-Time Offers a powerful platform that allows schedule management in Real-Time. After the business rule creation any time an employee will pass the agreed-upon limits the system will notify the supervisor in real-time.


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