Monday Time Tracking integration

Track your team's time and budget directly on Monday.

Why use for time tracking in Monday?

With accurate project cost tracking in Monday, you can gain a comprehensive overview of project costs, analyze individual team member performance, and optimize project efficiency.

Accurately track your project costs in Monday

Track your team’s time spent on each task to gain a comprehensive overview of project costs. Analyze individual team member performance and optimize project efficiency.

Track project costs

Log hours directly on Monday

Your team can easily log their work hours for each task with just one click, directly on Monday. This allows you to view how many hours each team member has worked on every task in real-time, and review your team’s timesheet without having to switch to another platform.

Approve activities in seconds

Every time entry is subject to approval, providing managers with a comprehensive view and control over time and budget estimations as well as project progress.

Timesheet approval Projects report

Improve the profitability of your Monday projects with real-time data

With, you can access real-time and accurate data to make informed decisions, which improves the profitability of your projects. You can gain detailed information on every task, including the duration of each work session and the total cost. Filter data by projects, customers, employees, or location to improve visibility and streamline project management in Monday.

Reliable and secure time tracking in Monday
Never miss a deadline again – and keep things nicely within your budget
Track time and budget to identify budget-delivery gaps
Record the time spent on each task and make data-driven strategic decisions throughout the entire project lifecycle
Financial view of your projects
Real-time updates of time and cost enable teams to monitor their progress and enhance predictability

How to track time with Monday and

Step 1: Create your account and enable Monday

Create your free account, register your company, select the project tracking plan, and enable the Monday integration.

Step 2: Invite your team

Add and assign members to the relevant projects within the platform. Set employee cost per hour, project location, and type of service.

Step 3: Add the extension to your browser

Once invited, each project member who manages time in Monday should download the extension in their browser.

Step 4: Start tracking time

You’re all set! You can now log time for tasks on your Monday projects and it will be reflected on the platform.

Frequently asked questions about the and Monday integration

Is the Monday and Integration complex?
No, in just a few steps, you can start using it. Simply create a account, activate the Monday integration, invite your team, download the extension, and start tracking time in Monday.
What are the day-to-day benefits of using time management with Monday?
Add transparency to project times and costs, with drilldown on your team's progress in Monday.
What reports are available in the Monday– integration?
The integration provides various reports that allow you to analyze your project's time and cost data by project, task, location, client, and employee, giving you valuable insights.
What are the benefits for employees when tracking time with
Employees can simplify their activity recording, gain visibility on the hours dedicated to each project and task, and build a healthy work routine in collaboration with their manager.
Do company executives benefit from using time management in Monday?
Yes – they obtain a clear view of the team's time investment in projects and tasks, empowering executives to manage more efficiently and productively.
What advantages do financial and administrative departments gain from time tracking on Monday?
Financial and administrative departments gain predictability and visibility on project costs, with faster and data-driven decision making.
What are the benefits for C-level executives and senior leadership when tracking time on Monday?
C-level executives and senior leadership get a holistic and comprehensive view of their organization's project effectiveness, performance, and cost, empowering them to make quick and assertive decisions.
Is time tracking in Monday accurate and reliable?
Yes, time tracking in Monday is accurate and reliable, and project managers should regularly approve the time recorded by team members to ensure information accuracy.
How can I ensure the accuracy of time-tracking information in Monday and avoid errors or fraud?
Ensure accurate and complete time records by reviewing and approving your team's timesheets. Verify that each task is within budget and reasonably justified.
How to use Monday time tracking data to improve my team's productivity and efficiency?
Track hours and costs in real-time to uncover irregularities and inefficiencies. Use this information to optimize your team's time allocation, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.
How to track project progress using Monday time tracking?
Gain valuable insights on project progress with reports, comparing actual time spent against budget and planned schedule. Use this information to make data-driven decisions that keep tasks within budget and on schedule.

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