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Working time AI

How can AI power your most important resource?

Ask anything in simple language – no SQL or table pivots needed

Spend less time on entering commands and more time on solving real work challenges

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Chat AI

Reduce extra hours pay

Avoid budget mismanagement and reduce employee churn from excessive work hours

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Help AI

Understand who is overworked and who is under-utilized

Fix resource and schedule imbalances

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Schedule AI

Get an at-a-glance understanding on profitability

Quickly visualize which clients were the most profitable – and which were the hardest to satisfy – no excel pivots needed

Project evaluation techniques
Profitability AI

Recognize your best managers, and help the others improve

Make your managers better – so they can improve margins and morale

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Statistic AI

See who is working on what, when – and how well

Use our AI with timesheets to impact important projects – and your bottom line

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Working time AI

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