The Top 5 Team Management Apps

Employees who are unclear on how they can best support the team are unlikely to work as effectively and productively as they could. With a team management app, leaders can ensure that every team member knows what is expected of them.

team management app

Ineffective team management increases costs within an organization by lowering morale and increasing turnover rates. Research recently detailed that 79% of people quit their current roles because of a “lack of appreciation and feedback” from their managers.

Without a formal performance review process or a clear career path for future advancement, an employee might choose to leave and immediately join another company whose team management processes make more sense.

On the other hand, teams with specific action steps created to help them succeed will be more effective than those without this structure in place. With the help of team management apps, managers can create a team culture that allows their members to succeed.

What is a team management app?

A team management app is an online platform that provides employees with the information they need to be effective team players. These apps allow members to stay up-to-date and inform supervisors how they can best support the team in reaching their goals.

Team management apps also allow communication between team members while offering a place where individual responsibilities are outlined, milestones are shared, and project information is displayed.

An essential element of any successful team is communication between all involved parties. With the help of a team management app, communication flows more freely, as everything team-related takes place on one platform.

By improving team communication and collaboration, it is easier to plan workflows and assign tasks to team members. Clients will receive their products and services much quicker and to a higher standard.

These benefits will vary depending on the software that you choose, and there are plenty of options to pick from. Here are some of the basic features you can expect from most team management apps:

Team Collaboration

With team management apps, team members can upload important documents that other employees can access. This helps to keep everyone on the same page about how their projects are progressing.

Communication becomes more fluid with team management apps. This is because team members don’t have to wait until they meet face-to-face to share ideas, allowing for faster workflow and less time wasted on organizing touchpoints.

File Sharing & Digital Data Storage

Many team management apps allow team members to use a cloud storage platform. From here, data is easily shared with the entire team rather than limited by what someone might have in their email inbox or saved on their devices.

Meeting Management

With a team management app, the process to schedule meetings with clients and book conference rooms for virtual meetings becomes simpler. You can create daily, weekly, or monthly meeting agendas, along with documents that team members have access to during the live meeting — always keeping you one step ahead of your competition!

Resource Management

This feature works together with team member schedules to know which tasks are assigned where and when. Team members can more easily collaborate, enabling them to support one another and complete their team projects all within one app.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is a fairly standard feature in team management apps these days, allowing team members to see where they are spending their time and adjust their workflow accordingly to achieve better productivity.

The Top 5 Team Management Apps


Number 1 on our list is, a team management app built for easy time tracking, project tracking, and team collaboration using its new messaging feature. This app is great for marketing, design, and development teams that need to manage their time efficiently.

Various team roles can be set up within the app, including team leader, team member, and team guest. To help organize your team’s work, you can use labels or categories while setting up milestones and projects with due dates.

You can also integrate your favorite tools like SAP, Oracle, ADP, Quickbooks, Workday, Bamboo HR, and many more. is the perfect choice for managers and leaders trying to improve the efficiency of their teams.

2. Trello

The Trello team management app allows users to get updates about all connected accounts, no matter which platform they’re on. This app provides you with a visual snapshot of all your plans organized into boards, allowing for more accessible project organization, delegation, and prioritization.

You can also take advantage of the card stacks feature that brings added functionality in its kanban-style layout. Trello allows you to color code events and cards and add labels and checklists to keep team members on track. You can also assign team members to cards, or use team management features like due dates and file uploads.

3. Pumble

Number 3 on our list is Pumble, a team collaboration and communication app that allows team members to chat with each other all within one convenient portal.

With team management apps like Pumble, you can keep work conversations separate from personal conversations. This app also has a private messaging feature — think of it like the Whatsapp team management app.

You can also use features like audio, video calling, and screen-sharing with voice chat to enable team members to work together on projects.

4. Asana

Next up is the Asana team management app, which allows team members to manage projects by keeping everything in one place, such as tasks, conversations, and files.

With Asana, you can organize work into personal task lists, team task lists, and all the tools you need for team communication. It offers team management features like team conversations, team inbox, and team chat.

This app also has some useful features like custom tags to filter conversations, multi-select for bulk editing, and advanced workflow rules so you always know what’s going on.

5. Todoist

The Todoist team management app allows team members to personalize work by creating task lists. With apps like Todoist, you can prioritize your daily tasks so that the most important work gets done first.

Use Todoist to keep track of due dates with recurring reminders, stay on top of team communication using project comments and private or public conversations, and take advantage of productivity reports to track team progress.

Team members can also upload files and attach comments via the mobile or web app.

Why Choose

“This team management app is the perfect choice for team leaders, team members, and team guests who are trying to make time tracking easier.”

When it comes to team management, there is a multitude of features you may or may not find useful for your business. Choosing the right app starts with considering your team’s specific needs.

For example, if your team is mostly made up of employees who work in different time zones, team management app features like location-based reminders could benefit your team greatly. On the other hand, your team might have a lot of projects that are due on specific dates, in which case recurring projects would come in handy.

Team members might also want to take advantage of team management apps based on their individual needs. For example, if they are not too keen on managing tasks, they may benefit more from using sound monitoring or video recording features instead.

This is why choosing the right team management app can be tricky, but opting to use is bound to cover all bases. It’s an intuitive online and mobile team management app built to suit all of your teams’ needs, no matter how big or small.

Team Management Apps: Final Thoughts

In this day and age, team management apps are essential for keeping your operations running smoothly. Thankfully, modern technology means that team tracking apps aren’t difficult to come by.

Team management apps allow businesses to coordinate their projects and keep all employees on the same page. If you are a manager looking to organize your team and streamline your projects, it’s time to invest in an app that will do both of those things and more — and our top 5 list is an excellent place to start looking!