Top 7 Payroll Software Apps To Simplify Your Accounting

Keeping your accounting in order is a challenge, and managing your payroll can be harder still. Payroll is a tedious and time-consuming task for small business owners. Tracking all their employees’ hours, calculating taxes, and adding up the payroll is a lot to juggle on top of everything else involved in your business day-to-day.

Luckily, the digital era has revolutionized many aspects of running a business. There are now a number of apps that can help simplify your accounting process by automatically managing the payrolls of all your employees.

If you are looking to simplify the menial administrative tasks of your small business, keep reading to find out more about software packages that can manage your payroll without a hitch.


Gusto is a simple payroll service that saves time and money for small businesses. It has a dedicated interface to manage all your HR, benefits, and payroll needs efficiently.

This software provides you with accurate wages calculations after inputting relevant information about the employees into the system. Gusto allows employers to customize their paychecks and pay schedules as needed.

Gusto is designed to meet ACA, ERISA, and HIPAA standards, and it can handle employment tax, new hire reports, budget plans, and more. You can easily manage 401(k) plans for your employees’ retirement requirements.

The best part of this software is that there is no tie-in agreement, meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time without facing penalties or fees. They provide a one-month free trial for employers to try out the service before it is completely activated.


Xero is cloud-based accounting software that offers payroll services for small businesses. It manages all your financial records in one place, which makes it extremely easy to use and saves you time for bookkeeping tasks.

The best part of this app is the way in which it translates complex financial concepts into simple-to-understand language. This software is easy to use and has a mobile app that allows you to access your records on the go from any device, anywhere in the world.

This payroll software provides employers with accurate reports on their financial records, tax liabilities, and regulatory compliance status at all times. Xero uses two-factor authentication and a multiple-approval model to keep your data secure.


Onpay is a free and easy-to-use software that allows you to manage your payrolls, calculate taxes and file returns electronically. This app lets employers do their own calculations without the need for an accountant or third-party service provider.

OnPay is easy to set up and use, and it takes care of all your payroll needs. You can even pay your employees directly from the software with whichever device you are currently using.

One of the key features of OnPay is the ability to allow unlimited pay runs. You can run payrolls depending on the preferences of your employees without having to pay additional fees.

The system of OnPay is designed for mobility and is user-friendly, making it extremely easy to use by employers or accountants for processing payrolls.

Quickbooks Payroll

Quickbooks Payroll is an American company that offers a turnkey payroll service. The software’s integration with QuickBooks makes it easy for small business owners to manage their businesses and record all relevant information in a single system.

The software allows unlimited payment schedules and 24-hour direct deposits. It has monitoring tools to handle multiple projects with ease. Users can see the profitability and productivity of their employees, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Quickbooks Payroll pricing depends on the number of employees enrolled for payroll, and it has tax compliance tools integrated into the system for maximum accuracy.

This user-friendly software allows employers to modify their preferences for different pay periods, various setups, and timecards. It also provides employees with a secure space to access all relevant payroll information about themselves.

Patriot Software

Patriot Software is another software that offers an end-to-end solution for all your payroll needs. The app provides a fully automated and accurate service for calculation, tax filing, and payments.

The Patriot Payroll system offers salary computation, and it can be integrated into other platforms specifically for HR and accounting.

It is a budget-friendly payroll solution with an adaptability feature that allows the software to learn your organization’s unique payout schedule. Patriot payroll has the Basic Payroll package and Full-service Payroll package, depending on the number of employees in your payroll.

Patriot Payroll offers payroll services tailored to any business, regardless of its size or the number of employees working there. This software is easy-to-use and allows employers to pay their employees quickly and accurately.


Rippling is another cloud-based payroll software that provides end-to-end services for your business. It has a user interface that allows you to navigate the system with ease, which saves you money on training sessions because employees can figure out how it works intuitively.

This app manages all aspects of the payment cycle, from payroll to benefits, tax filings, and invoices. It offers employers a complete solution that streamlines their business processes, allowing them to focus on growing their business rather than worrying about payrolls.

Rippling has an automated service for wage calculation with an easy setup process that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. All you have to do is provide the basic information about your employees, and this software does all the calculations on its own.

Rippling can be integrated with over 500 third-party applications, including Paypal, Slack, and Gsuite.

It also provides solutions for the human resource segment of organizations, making the onboarding of new hires a quick and easy process. At the touch of a screen, you can access all the reports and analytics to understand your company’s financial situation better.

Payment Rails

Payment Rails is a simple payroll software that does not require any coding to be used by employers. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers you access to real-time data on your employees’ hourly wages, tax withholdings, deductions, and benefit plans.

This app calculates taxes accurately, so the amount deducted from an employee’s paycheck matches the amount your organization owes to the government.

Payment Rails has a support feature that allows employers to send payments to around 220 countries with more than 135 currencies. They have 25 payment methods to choose from, making international payments easy.

This app provides you with the option of setting up recurring payrolls so you can save time and money on manual calculations while giving your employees a consistent paycheck.

What to Look Out for in Payroll Software

There is no one-size-fits-all payroll software, as every business has different needs and requirements. In order to find the payroll software that best fits your business needs, there are a few things you should consider.

Integration Options

The payroll software you choose should work seamlessly with other business apps. The more integrated your system is, the easier it will be to save time and money on manual data entry or expensive consulting fees. This also helps ensure that there are no mistakes in calculations because all information can flow smoothly through one platform.

Tax Reporting and Remittance

This is an important factor, especially for small organizations that are not aware of the tax laws in their state or country. You should choose payroll software that provides you with all the necessary reports and remittances so you can stay up-to-date on current legislation changes without spending hours researching online.

Pricing Structure

The payroll software you choose should be suitable for your budget. Many free apps are available on the market, but they often have limited features and provide little support to employers.

On the other hand, some high-end software costs thousands of dollars per year, which is not affordable for small businesses with tight budgets. Therefore, you should look for a system that provides services at an affordable price.

Customer Support

The payroll software you choose should provide excellent customer service to the employers because it is their primary communication channel with the technical team behind this app. A reliable and responsive customer care department can help resolve any issues quickly, so your employees don’t have to deal with a broken system.

The payroll software you choose should have built-in support features that allow employers to reach out for help whenever they need it. This way, your employees can always find an answer to their questions without having to wait on lengthy phone calls or spend time browsing the company’s website.

Intuitive User Interface

The payroll software you choose should have an intuitive user interface, so the employees don’t need to read through a manual to learn how to use this app. It is best if your business can find an all-in-one solution that offers services for payrolls and human resources, tax filings, and other accounting needs.

Flexibility of Services Provided

The payroll software you are looking for should have an adaptability feature that learns your unique business processes. You need a solution that can work alongside your organization, not against it.


Payroll software helps simplify accounting to save time on manual calculations, taxes forms, and remittances. It also provides small businesses with affordable services that don’t require a lot of money to set up. All in all, the payroll software you choose should be reliable, easy-to-use, and provide support whenever needed.

Start using payroll software today to offload your administrative duties so you can put more time and energy into your important projects.