time tracking system for government contractors

From Clock-In to Completion: The Benefits of Time Tracking System for Government Contractors

In the highly competitive world of government contracting, every minute and dollar counts, making time tracking for contractors a vital tool for success. In 2021, the U.S. federal government allocated an impressive $637 billion towards contracts, which underlines the pressing need for accurate and efficient tracking of working hours and resources. Implementing a reliable time tracking system is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity for any contractor keen on optimizing their operations and ensuring the successful completion of public projects.

Time tracking systems can offer many benefits for government contractors, from enhancing transparency to improving resource allocation. This article will explore the importance of time tracking and how using a contractor hours tracker can revolutionize your operations.

Here’s a quick outline of what we’ll discuss today: 

Read on to understand why embracing the best time tracking app for contractors is a key factor for success in this dynamic field.

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What is Time Tracking for Contractors?

Time tracking for contractors records the time spent on a project or task. This added visibility into how long tasks take to complete could help contractors by tracking their work hours, optimizing workflow management, and ensuring accurate invoicing. 

Unlike manual timesheets based on employee recollection, contractor time trackers are automated tools that streamline the process with minimal effort – making them an invaluable resource for government projects which often require extensive documentation and rigorous oversight. 

Necessities of Contractor Time Tracking for Public Services

Time tracking for contractors in public services goes beyond mere record-keeping. It’s a crucial tool addressing several necessities intrinsic to government contracts.

1. Ensuring Transparency in Expenditure

Government contracts, funded by taxpayers, demand absolute transparency. Time tracking systems provide a clear account of time spent, showcasing prudent expenditure of funds and reinforcing contractors’ credibility.

2. Maximizing Resource Efficiency

Efficient resource utilization is critical in budget-restricted government contracts. Time tracking lets contractors pinpoint where time is invested most, improving resource allocation and long-term cost-effectiveness.

3. Enhancing Accountability

Contractor time tracking provides a tangible work record, enhancing accountability. It aids accurate and timely invoicing, reducing potential disputes and fostering a healthy relationship between contractors and government agencies.

4. Facilitating Compliance with Regulations

Government contracts often come with stringent regulations. A robust time tracking system simplifies compliance by providing accessible and accurate work records, crucial during audits or disputes.

5. Supporting Project Management and Planning

Managing multiple projects to ensure they are completed on time and within budget is challenging. Time tracking systems offer data that aid project planning, scheduling, and management, ensuring projects stay on track.

6. Ensuring Audit Trail

In financial or performance audits, a detailed time tracking record can serve as an audit trail, providing evidence of work performed, hours logged, and tasks completed. This is crucial in verifying contract compliance and justifying billings.

Benefits of Implementing A Time Tracking System for Government Contractors

Beyond the necessities catered to, a host of additional benefits can be realized, significantly enhancing government contracts’ performance and outcomes.

1. Streamlined Workflow for Complex Projects

Government contracts often involve complex, multi-faceted projects. Time tracking systems offer a way to streamline workflows, providing real-time updates on tasks, progress, and timelines. This enables government contractors to stay on top of intricate projects and adjust strategies as needed.

2. Greater Bid Accuracy

For government contractors, winning bids can be a highly competitive process. Having detailed time tracking data from previous projects allows for more precise estimates in future proposals. This accuracy can give contractors a crucial advantage when bidding for government contracts.

3. Productivity in High-Stakes Environment

Maintaining team productivity is crucial, given the high stakes and strict deadlines in government contracts. When employees know their time is tracked, it can improve focus and efficiency. Moreover, time tracking allows for the identification of productivity trends and opportunities for improvement.

4. Enhanced Communication with Government Agencies

Time tracking provides tangible data that can be shared with government agencies, informing them about project progress. This level of transparency can lead to better relationships with these agencies and foster trust.

5. Informed Decision-Making for Public Projects

Government contracts often involve considerable resources and public scrutiny. The data provided by time tracking systems can help contractors make strategic decisions that enhance productivity and profitability while maintaining public trust.

6. Reducing Administrative Burden in Government Reporting

Government contracts often come with considerable administrative work. Automated time tracking systems can reduce this burden by eliminating the need for manual timesheet entries and minimizing errors, making reporting more efficient.

7. Real-Time Insights for Prompt Government Reporting

Government contracts often require regular updates and prompt reporting. With real-time insights from time tracking systems, contractors can proactively manage resources, avoid potential delays, and keep government agencies informed.

These benefits highlight how time tracking systems are not just tools for record-keeping but strategic assets that can significantly enhance the outcomes of government contracts.

Must-have Features of A Contractor Time Tracking App

When selecting a contractor time tracking app suitable for government contracts, certain key features are essential:

  1. Intuitive user interface: The app should be user-friendly, ensuring all team members can easily log their hours.
  2. Real-time tracking: This feature provides live updates on tasks and time spent, which is crucial for managing complex government projects.
  3. Robust reporting: To meet the detailed reporting requirements of government contracts, comprehensive reporting features are a must.
  4. Project management integration: An app that integrates with existing project management tools allows for seamless coordination of tasks and resources.
  5. Compliance features: Built-in features that ensure adherence to labor laws and government regulations are highly beneficial, simplifying audit and inspection processes.
  6. Mobile accessibility: With fieldwork often a part of government contracting, mobile functionality for logging hours from anywhere is vital.
  7. Scalability: As your business grows, your time tracking system should be able to scale with you, accommodating more users and projects.

Selecting a time tracking app with these features will equip you to navigate the unique demands of government contracting effectively.

Best Apps for Contractor Time Tracking

A contractor time tracking app can help streamline workflows and ensure accurate billing. But with so many options available, which is the best time tracking app for contractors? We’ve compiled a list of the top three contractor time tracking apps: 

1. Day.io – Overall, the Best Time Tracking App for Contractors

Day.io is a comprehensive contractor time tracking app that offers an easy-to-use interface and real-time data collection. The platform complies with LGPD, GDPR, CCPA, and the new Ordinance 671 of the Ministry of Labor and Employment – making it ideal for government contractors who must ensure their operations conform to local regulations. The app also offers comprehensive reporting tools to help you stay on top of progress in real-time. 

Over 100,000 businesses globally rely on Day.io to track their employees’ and contractors’ working hours and expenses – making it the most trusted name in time tracking for government contractors.



  • Project time tracking: $6 per user/month
  • Time & attendance tracking: $4 per user/month

You can also claim a 15% discount on both plans by paying annually. 

2. Core – DCAA-Compliant Expense and Contractor Hours Tracker 

Core by BQE is a versatile all-in-one practice management software designed to provide a seamless experience for contractor time tracking and project management. The platform accurately accounts for every billable project hour with customizable invoicing options. It’s also fully compliant with DCAA, making it a top choice for government contractors.


  • Full project visibility and control, with real-time status updates and insights
  • Easy-to-use task and resource allocation for efficient project management
  • Integrated project management and accounting tools for streamlined operations
  • Various invoicing processes, including automated and batch invoicing
  • Multiple billing options, including hourly, fixed fee, cost-plus, unit cost, and percentage


BQE, Core’s developer, provides customized pricing and detailed quote upon request. 

3. Beebole – A Contractor Time Tracking App Known for Simplicity

Beebole is a DCAA and GDPR-compliant timekeeping software that offers a simple yet robust solution for contractor time tracking. The platform is designed to help you track employee hours securely, fairly, and accurately. It ensures compliance with not only DCAA and GDPR but also with European Union labor regulations.


  • Easy completion of timesheets and tracking time to project/task
  • Management of billable time rates
  • Project accounting and revenue recognition for client invoicing
  • Policy compliance management to enforce corporate time and expense policies
  • User, role, and access management for secure data handling


€6.99 per user/month 

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Final Thoughts: Utilize Contractor Hours Tracker for Your Government Project for Superior Transparency

Time tracking for government contractors has evolved from a luxury to an absolute necessity in today’s data-driven world. A time tracking system for government contractors fosters accountability, drives efficiency, and ensures transparency for all stakeholders. With the right time tracking app, contractors can quickly meet and exceed their project goals.

Day.io, Core, and Beebole are all excellent options, each offering unique strengths tailored to the unique needs of government contractors. Day.io, in particular, stands out as the best time tracking app for contractors due to its comprehensive suite of features and its well-earned trust among thousands of businesses worldwide.

Are you ready to take your government contracting work to the next level with a time tracking system designed for contractors? Look no further than Day.io! We’re so confident in the platform that we’re offering a free plan for up to ten users – an opportunity to experience firsthand how a top-tier contractor time tracking app can revolutionize your operations.