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Transform Your Project Management with these Top 7 Trello Integrations in 2023

Trello is the go-to tool for project management, helping teams streamline their workflows and coordinate tasks with its intuitive board-and-card system. But now, in 2023, Trello’s power has been unlocked with powerful integrations (or, power-ups, as Trello calls it) designed to tailor it to the specific needs of various industries. Whether you’re looking to improve team communication or track time more efficiently, these integrations promise to revolutionize your project management experience. 

We’ve handpicked 7 top Trello integrations for 2023: for precise time tracking and reporting; Corrello – the ideal dashboard for managing Agile teams; and more. Get ready to take your Trello usage to new heights with these incredible integrations!

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What Are The Top 10 Trello Features for Project Management?

Trello has a plethora of features designed to simplify workflows and enhance collaboration. Here are some of the top Trello features that make it an indispensable tool for project management:

1. Comprehensive boards and cards system for organizing tasks, discussions, and files 

2. Labels and tags

3. Kanban views to drag and drop tasks between boards 

4. Due dates and calendar view

5. Customizable lists and checklists for tracking progress 

6. Notifications and activity log

7. Team collaboration tools like voting polls, @mentions for team members, and comment threads 

8. Power-Ups or integrations

9. Collaboration tools

10. Robust customizability

All these features combined make Trello a robust, flexible, and user-friendly project management tool, suitable for teams of all sizes and industries. However, the true potential of Trello shines when combined with the right integrations, as we will explore next.

Why Do You Need Trello Integrations?

Integrations are what make a project management tool like Trello truly powerful. They enable you to tailor your workflow with features not available in the core product, allowing teams to customize their experience and optimize their processes. 

For example, an integration such as Corrello can provide teams with detailed Agile dashboards for tracking progress across multiple sprints. At the same time, helps keep track of time spent on tasks more accurately than ever before. 

Other popular integrations include Slack for enhanced communication; Dropbox and Google Drive for integrating files; and Jira Connector for linking tickets between services. The possibilities are endless!

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Trello Integrations

When choosing the right Trello integrations for your team, there are several factors to consider: 

1. Integrations must make sense in the context of your project management process. For example, if you don’t need to track sales or if Salesforce is not part of your business ecosystem, it doesn’t make sense to invest in Salesforce integration with Trello. 

2. The pricing and features offered by each integration should be weighed against what is needed for your specific use case. 

3. It is also important to check if an integration offers compatibility with different platforms such as iOS and Android devices. 

4. Finally, integrations should offer reliable customer support and have a good reputation amongst users.

Top 7 Trello Integrations in 2023

Now that you know how Trello can help improve your productivity and project management, let’s take a look at the top 7 Trello integrations in 2023.

1. – Best Trello Integration for Time Tracking and Reporting is the perfect Trello integration for tracking and reporting on tasks. It helps you keep track of how much time is being spent on each task, as well as giving insight into the progress of projects. also provides detailed reports that can be shared with team members or clients to show how much work has been done and what still needs to be done. also provides powerful tools for tracking time and GPS location, as well as biometric validation to ensure accuracy. It integrates with Trello boards, allowing you to see how tasks are progressing in real-time and get an overview of who is working on what and when. 



  • Project time tracking: Starts from $6 per user/month
  • Time & attendance tracking: Starts from $4 per user/month offers a free version for up to ten users. 

2. Jira – Top Project Management Power-up for Trello

Jira is an outstanding project management tool that works hand-in-hand with Trello. It offers a vast array of features and tools to aid teams in staying structured, on track, and efficient. Seamless integration with Trello boards enables users to get a comprehensive view of tasks, assignees, deadlines, and progress updates without ever leaving the Jira platform. 


  • Integration with Trello boards and tasks
  • Flexible project management features and tools 
  • Ability to create custom workflows for projects 
  • Visibility into the development process at all times 
  • Powerful reports on project performance and analytics 
  • Scalable solutions for teams of any size


The Standard paid plan starts from $7.75 per user/month. Jira is free for up to ten users. 

3. Slack – Best Communication App for Trello

Slack is the perfect communication app for Trello users. It helps teams stay connected and collaborate on tasks, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Slack also provides integration with Trello boards, allowing users to keep track of tasks, assignees, deadlines, and progress updates without ever leaving the Slack platform. 


  • File attachments, commenting, and editing options
  • Integration with Trello boards
  • Real-time conversations 
  • Ability to create private channels for more detailed discussions
  • Team collaboration tools such as polls, surveys, and video calls
  • Easy search features to quickly find what you need


The Pro plan starts from $7.25 per user/month.

4. GitHub – Top Trello Power-up for Developers

GitHub is one of the most popular project management tools for developers and it also has a powerful integration with Trello. This integration allows users to easily link their GitHub repositories with their Trello boards, providing real-time updates on tasks and progress made by team members. 

Additionally, this integration allows product managers to create detailed reports that provide an overview of each task’s status and timeline. 


  • Easy linking between GitHub repositories and Trello boards
  • Real-time updates on tasks assigned to team members 
  • Detailed reports on progress made by developers 
  • Ability to add comments directly from the repository’s interface 
  • Integration with other popular development tools


Free for individuals. The Team plan starts from $4 per user/month. 

5. Google Drive – Best Extension for File Storage and Management with Trello

Google Drive is the perfect Trello integration for file storage and management. It allows users to easily store, organize, and share files with team members within Trello boards. Google Drive also provides a powerful search feature so that you can quickly find what you need and an array of integrations with other popular project management tools such as Slack and Jira. 


  • Easy drag-and-drop interface for organizing files 
  • Secure cloud storage solution with up to 15 GB of free space 
  • Integration with third-party apps like Slack and Jira 
  • Ability to create folders, subfolders, and shared folders 
  • Powerful search feature to quickly find what you need 
  • Easy sharing of files with team members or clients 
  • Real-time syncing across devices for easy file access 


Comes included with regular Google Personal, Family, and Workspace plans. 

6. Salesforce – Best Sales Management and Automation Tool for Trello

Salesforce is a powerful tool for sales teams. It provides integration with Trello boards, allowing users to easily manage their sales pipeline and track progress on tasks. Salesforce also offers automated workflows, which can be used to streamline the sales process and ensure that leads are followed up on promptly. 


  • Lead management tools such as segmentation and scoring
  • Lead nurturing and tracking tools
  • Automated workflow management and reporting
  • Integrated analytics for sales performance optimization 
  • Real-time notifications of changes in deals and leads 
  • Smooth integration with other CRM products


The Sales Starter plan starts from $25 per user/month. 

7. Corrello – The Perfect Dashboard for Managing Agile Teams

Modern-day project managers depend on agile methodology to track progress, and Corrello provides the perfect solution for this. With Corrello, teams can easily visualize their project progress on Trello boards with powerful reporting tools that help you keep an eye on key performance indicators. It also offers a timeline view of tasks and projects to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. 


  • Real-time tracking and analysis of sprints 
  • Detailed reports with custom column views
  • Budget forecasting capabilities 
  • Integration with other project management tools such as Jira and Slack 
  • Kanban board integration for improved visualization of tasks 


Starts from $5 per user/month. 

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Wrap-up: Revamp Your Trello Experience with the Best Trello Integrations

Trello is the go-to project management tool for teams looking to collaborate efficiently and stay organized. And with the top Trello integrations of 2023, you can take your workflow to a whole new level. 

Take for instance: it offers seamless time tracking and project monitoring, enabling you to track time effortlessly, generate detailed reports, and monitor progress toward project goals. With in your arsenal, productivity will be taken up a notch! 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – try out with Trello today and experience their synergy first-hand! Unlock a new level of productivity and project tracking with Trello – your future self will thank you.