Jira extensions give your productivity a boost

Top 10 Jira Extensions For Improving Your Productivity

Jira is a revolutionary issue-tracking system that organizations use worldwide for project management, bug tracking, and more. Jira project tracking helps teams improve their productivity and efficiency. But if you want to take your team’s productivity to the next level, Jira extensions can be the key.

Jira Atlassian marketplace has a wide range of extensions that can be integrated with Jira to improve your team’s productivity. These extensions are designed to automate tedious tasks, streamline collaboration, and provide more insights into project performance.

Today, we will look at the top 10 Jira extensions that streamline your team’s productivity. We will explore their core features and pricing so that you can decide which ones are best for your team. 

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss:

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Why Need Jira Extension to Improve Productivity?

Jira offers many features that help organizations manage their projects and teams more efficiently. But there are certain areas where you can bump up Jira’s native capabilities with the help of extensions.

Jira extensions provide additional features that may not be available in the core version of Jira. Many extensions automate mundane tasks, simplify collaboration, and offer real-time insights into project performance. This helps teams move faster and make better decisions to improve productivity.

For example, if you need advanced time tracking and timesheet management features, you may find the native Jira features insufficient. In this case, you can use a Jira extension like Day.io to get the highly advanced time tracking and reporting features.

Top 10 Jira Extensions to Improve Productivity

We’ve comprehensively reviewed many popular extensions from the Jira Atlassian marketplace. Here are our top picks for the best Jira extensions to supercharge your team’s productivity.

1. Day.io – Best Time Tracking and Project Progress Tracking Extension for Jira

Day.io is one of the most feature-rich time-tracking and project progress-tracking extensions available for Jira. It enables teams to track time accurately, set up timesheets, monitor project progress, and view detailed analytics on team performance. With this extension, you can create custom reports that give you deep insights into your team’s productivity.

Day.io is the best time tracking extension for Jira

Day.io also includes automated geo-location-based time clock systems, which make time tracking even more effortless. Additionally, all collected data can be exported as CSV or XLSX files for easy analysis and reporting.  

With over 300,000 customers using Day.io, it’s one of the most popular Jira extensions for improving team productivity and project performance. Day.io also offers a Chrome Jira extension to enhance usability even further. 


  • Detailed time-tracking functionalities for teams of different sizes
  • Time tracking reports on project progress 
  • Clock-in, clock-out option for time clock
  • Organize weekly work entries with timesheets manager
  • Real-time analysis of project costs and estimates 
  • Generating time-tracking summaries to gain insights 
  • Project synchronization with Jira projects & issues 
  • Start/stop timer directly from Jira issues  
  • Administrative approval of the team’s time logs


  • Project time tracking: $6 per user/month
  • Time and attendance tracking: $4 per user/month
  • No additional charges for Jira integration 

2. BigPicture – Best for Project and Project Portfolio Management

BigPicture is an extension that helps you create Gantt charts, visualize your projects, track progress on tasks, and get detailed reports of the work done. This extension enables teams to gain better visibility into their projects to stay organized and productive. 

BigPicture backlog dashboard for project management
Source: BigPicture

BigPicture also includes advanced features such as resource allocation optimization, budget tracking, task dependencies mapping, task duration estimates, and more. With this extension, you can easily plan your projects across multiple business units or departments to ensure everyone’s working toward the same goal.


  • Full coverage of Agile, Hybrid, and Classic project management methodologies
  • Configurable Gantt and Timeline views
  • Cross-portfolio work with reporting capabilities
  • SAFe® Roadmaps for Program Increment and ARTs planning
  • Integrations with Jira, Trello, Confluence, and more
  • Optimized teams’ workflow with better results and time savings
  • Advanced reporting and auditing options


  • Free for up to ten users
  • 11-100 users: $3.75 per user/month

3. Zephyr Scale – Best Jira Extension for Test Management

Zephyr Scale for Jira is a comprehensive test management extension that helps teams create and manage tests in any environment. It enables you to define test cases, assign testers, track test progress, and get detailed results reports. This extension provides advanced features like automated testing scripts, customizable dashboards, and integration with third-party tools like Slack. 

Zephyr Scale is the best Jira extension for test management
Source: Zephyr Scale

Zephyr for Jira allows you to use pre-defined templates or design custom workflows to ensure your team follows best practices when creating and executing tests. With this extension, your team can easily stay organized while streamlining their workflow processes during software development.


  • Enterprise-grade test planning and reporting capabilities
  • 360-degree traceability and cross-project reporting
  • Test automation and DevOps-ready integration
  • Easily manageable and reusable tests 
  • Integration with multiple tools and frameworks
  • Secure cloud fortification membership with Jira Atlassian


  • Free for up to ten users 
  • 11-100 users: $4.78 per user/month

4. Activity Timeline – Best for Resource Planning

Activity Timeline packs a punch regarding resource planning and task management in Jira. It helps teams visualize their data in a timeline view, plan resources, and keep track of tasks. Activity Timeline provides a comprehensive overview of all projects and activities, so everyone can stay on the same page. 

Activity Timeline dashboard for resource planning
Source: Activity Timeline

Moreover, this extension allows you to create custom views for different stakeholders so they can quickly access the information they need. With its intuitive interface, you can easily assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress from multiple perspectives.


  • Comprehensive resource management with time reporting functionalities
  • Team management calendar for a bird’s eye view of team activities
  • Resource allocation and Jira time management capability
  • Activity timeline with capacity planning tool visibility 
  • Ability to check available capacity with a calendar for Jira tasks 
  • Personalized Jira time tracking reports and task manager  
  • Timesheets, project and capacity reports for Jira exportable to Excel


  • Up to ten users: Flat fee of $10
  • 11-100 users: $2.50 per user/month

 5. Microsoft Teams for Jira – Best for Integrated Communications

Microsoft Teams brings its industry-leading communication technologies to Jira. The extension enables teams to stay connected and collaborate within the same workspace in real-time. It lets you quickly share documents, messages, and notifications with your team members from Jira.

Microsoft Teams is the best extension for team communications
Source: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Jira also includes features that let you set up automated alerts for any activity related to tasks or projects. You can customize these alerts based on specific criteria, so everyone stays informed about their task progress.  

Additionally, it lets you create virtual rooms where teams can chat and discuss project issues without leaving Jira’s interface. Teams also provides one of the best Chrome Jira extensions to facilitate smooth and integrated communication. 


  • Integrated communication with the Microsoft Teams workspace
  • Instant notifications and alerts on task progress 
  • Share documents, messages, and updates from Jira 
  • Create virtual rooms to discuss project issues 
  • Customize automated alerts based on criteria  


  • Starts from $4 per user/month
  • No additional cost for Jira integration

6. OKR Board for Jira – Best Extension for OKR Management

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, a popular methodology for setting goals, tracking progress, and measuring success. The OKR Board for Jira is an extension that makes managing OKRs in Jira easier. This extension helps teams create objectives with associated key results and track their progress using a visual board. 

OKR Board is the best extension for OKR management 
Source: OKR Board for Jira

You can also set deadlines to keep everyone on task, get detailed reports of your team’s performance, assign tasks to individuals or groups, add comments and attachments to tasks/objectives/key results, and more. With this extension, you can easily manage your team’s goals and objectives in Jira. 


  • Extensive OKR creation and management capabilities with Jira
  • Performance tracking for your team with robust reporting tools
  • Quickly aligning business and IT teams in Jira
  • Seamless integration with other tools, allowing you to work where you love to work 
  • Creating custom OKR levels such as company, group, or personal level objectives 
  • Interactive dashboards for Confluence that provide detailed visual insights into your progress


  • Free for up to ten users
  • 11-100 users: $1.50 per user/month

7. Cost Tracker by Tempo – Best for Cost and Financial Monitoring

Cost Tracker by Tempo gives you total control over your project’s costs and finances. This extension helps you track, manage, and analyze the cost of projects in Jira. You can view detailed reports on expenses, get insights into where your money is going, and identify areas where you can save money.

Cost Tracker by Tempo is the best extension for cost monitoring
Source: Cost Tracker by Tempo

Cost Tracker by Tempo also has advanced features like budget forecasting to help teams make more informed decisions about their financial resources. It even enables users to customize the currency for each project according to their needs.  With this extension enabled on Jira, you will have total control over all aspects of project-related spending from one central dashboard.


  • Real-time and automated information input management
  • Various data visualization tools to quickly assess a project’s performance
  • Budget tracking on milestones, labor costs, fixed expenses
  • Timely delivery of work under budget 
  • Efficient invoicing with effortless task tracking for billable/non-billable items
  • JQL filters, cost/billing rates settings, global roles rate setting with effective dates for custom groups


  • Up to ten users: Flat fee of $10
  • 11-100 users: $2 per user/month

8. eazyBI Reports & Charts – Best Data Visualization Extension for Jira

eazyBI Reports & Charts lets you visualize your Jira data with dynamic charts and reports. This extension helps you gain deeper insights into your projects, tasks, and team performance in seconds. You can create custom dashboards to monitor project progress, generate insightful analytics on resource allocation, track cost over time, and more.

eazyBI is the best data visualization extension for Jira
Source: eazyBI

With eazyBI Reports & Charts’ powerful features, such as cross-project reporting options, drag-and-drop chart creation capabilities, and detailed filters for better analysis, teams can quickly analyze their performance metrics from different perspectives. It also offers an advanced version that supports real-time data updates and multi-dimensional reporting capabilities. 


  • Huge collection of customizable reporting templates
  • Interactive reporting tools to explore and uncover insights
  • Advanced calculations for sophisticated users
  • Easy import of dozens of agile, sprint, project, version, time tracking reports 
  • Publish reports & dashboards as Jira gadgets with one click 
  • Integrations with popular apps like Tempo, Protrack, and Zephyr


  • Up to ten users: Flat fee of $10
  • 11-100 users: $2.50 per user/month

9. Mobility for Jira – Best Mobile Optimization Platform for Jira Tasks

Mobility for Jira offers some solid mobile optimization features for Jira tasks. This extension enables teams to access their projects from any device with a browser, allowing them to stay more productive and organized on the go. The Mobility for Jira app is available for Android and iOS devices, giving users more flexibility in using the platform.

Mobility is the best mobile optimization extension for Jira
Source: Mobility for Jira

The app also includes advanced features such as task prioritization, real-time notifications about project status changes, automated reminders for upcoming tasks, and others. Mobility for JIRA has become one of the most popular mobile optimization platforms for teams that need to stay coordinated while working remotely or on the go.


  • Full range of ticket management functions with Jira
  • Compatibility will all mobile platforms – iOS, Android, tablet, and Mac
  • Secure access to enterprise data 
  • Shortcuts for quick navigation of essential tasks 
  • Push notifications for critical updates  


  • Up to ten users: Flat fee of $5
  • 11-100 users: $1.95 per user/month

10. ScriptRunner – Best Automation Tool for Jira

ScriptRunner is an automation tool for Jira that helps teams streamline their processes and increase productivity. It enables users to automate repetitive tasks such as creating tickets, assigning labels, or generating reports with just a few clicks.

ScriptRunner is the best automation extension for Jira
Source: ScriptRunner

Even if you are not proficient with coding, this extension makes creating automated scripts and workflows easy. You can also access ScriptRunner’s library of pre-built automation scripts to integrate with Jira quickly. Additionally, you can use the custom fields feature in ScriptRunner to add more details to each task for better tracking and organization.


  • Workflow automation and issue-handling management
  • Groovy Script and JQL support for advanced customization
  • Advanced search and filter capabilities for pinpoint data accuracy 
  • Data validations and conditions to keep processes on track 
  • No-coding environment 


  • Free for up to ten users
  • 11-100 users: $2.50 per user/month

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Wrap-Up: Supercharge Your Productivity with Jira Extensions

The right Jira extensions can significantly improve your team’s productivity and efficiency. We looked at the top 10 Jira extensions designed to streamline collaboration, simplify project management, and provide real-time insights into project performance. 

Now it’s up to you to decide which suits your organization’s needs and budget. Day.io can be a great starting point if you need advanced time tracking and project progress reporting. Sign up today for Day.io and leverage time tracking with your Jira.