Tracking in 2023: Top 8 Employee Attendance Trackers

Employee Attendance Trackers: Top 8 In 2023

Attendance tracking can be a significant pain point for businesses of all sizes. Manual record-keeping is time-consuming and error-prone, while traditional time clocks can prove costly and outdated. Fortunately, employee attendance trackers offer an innovative solution – these apps and software solutions make it easy to monitor employee attendance in real time without the hassle of manual recording or expensive hardware. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 8 employee attendance trackers for businesses in 2023 – discussing key features, benefits, and challenges associated with each tool. Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, reduce costs or streamline your attendance process altogether – these attendance trackers have you covered. 

So, let’s zoom in on the future of attendance tracking and discover the best employee attendance tracker for your business in 2023.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss: 

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Why Need Employee Attendance Trackers for Your Business?

Employee attendance trackers come with a variety of benefits. Let’s run through the top advantages of using attendance tracking software:

1. Real-time and Accurate Data

One problem with traditional time and attendance tracking methods is that data can quickly become outdated and unreliable. Also, you won’t get updates in real-time. 

However, employee attendance trackers are designed to provide accurate, real-time data. That means you can be sure that the information collected is up-to-date and reliable. This can help you make smarter decisions regarding managing your workforce and allocating resources accordingly. 

2. Buddy Punching and Fraud Prevention

Buddy punching (or “time theft”) is a common problem in businesses of all sizes. Forbes reported that it is common for average employees to engage in time theft and steal at least 4.5 hours per week from their employers. 

With attendance tracking software, you can reduce the risk of buddy punching as employees must use biometric authentication – such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning – before clocking in and out. 

This ensures that only present employees can clock in, thus reducing the potential for fraud and improving security. Modern employee attendance trackers like also offer GPS location tracking to ensure employees aren’t clocking in from anywhere other than their designated workplace. 

3. Ease of Scheduling and Shift Planning

Employee attendance trackers also make managing your employee scheduling and shift planning easier. With this software, you can easily set up shifts for multiple employees at once and quickly adjust them when needed. 

You’ll be able to access the data in real-time, so you can always be sure that the latest information is available when managing your workforce. As a result, you’ll save time on manual record-keeping while ensuring everyone is where they need to be during their scheduled hours.

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4. Smoother Workflow Management 

Employee attendance trackers can also help you manage your workflow more effectively. For instance, with real-time data at your fingertips, you can identify trends in employee scheduling and make changes accordingly. 

You’ll also be able to monitor leave balances for each employee and ensure that no one takes too much time off or overworks themselves. Additionally, some software solutions offer automated reminders so employees don’t forget to clock in on time – thus improving punctuality across the board. 

5. Enhanced Productivity 

You’ll likely experience increased productivity when using employee attendance tracking software. This is because employees will become more mindful of their attendance, as they know there’s a system in place that can track and record it. 

The data collected by the attendance tracker can also be used to identify any issues with your workforce – such as late arrivals, excessive breaks, or absenteeism. You can then take action to address these issues promptly and ensure employees adhere to their schedules. 

6. Complying with Regulations 

Many industries have strict regulations regarding employee attendance and time off, which can be challenging to stay on top of. So often, companies must spend a lot of time and resources ensuring they comply with the law.

Fortunately, employee attendance trackers can help you stay up-to-date with regulatory compliance and avoid costly fines. With automated software, you won’t have to worry about manual record-keeping or manually tracking time off – the software will do everything for you. 

7. Better Insights into Attendance Patterns 

Employee attendance trackers can also provide valuable insights into employee attendance and timekeeping patterns. This can help businesses identify issues such as lateness or absenteeism, allowing them to take action to improve the situation. 

For example,’s Attendance & Analytics feature allows you to create reports and analyze data for better decision-making regarding workforce management strategies. 

Top Features of Employee Attendance Tracker App

When choosing an employee attendance tracker, it’s essential to consider the features offered. The best attendance-tracking solutions provide a comprehensive set of features that can be tailored to the unique needs of your business and employees. 

Here are some key features to look for in an employee attendance tracker: 

  • Real-time tracking: Look for trackers that allow you to monitor employee time punches in real time – this ensures accurate records and reduces costly mistakes. 
  • Flexible schedules: Some trackers allow you to create flexible shift schedules and easily adjust them as needed. This makes managing shifts more efficient and helps you plan. 
  • GPS tracking: GPS tracking capabilities allow you to track employee attendance even when they are away from the office. You can also get alerts if an employee is running late or has not clocked in yet. 
  • Reporting and analytics: These features make generating reports, identifying trends, and analyzing performance data easier over time. This helps improve decision-making processes related to workforce management and payroll. 
  • Mobile compatibility: Many attendance trackers offer mobile apps that allow employees to clock in and out from their phones. This gives your business more flexibility and makes it easier for remote workers to stay on top of their attendance records. timesheets | one of the best employee attendance trackers

Challenges with Using Employee Attendance Trackers

While employee attendance trackers can significantly benefit businesses, a few challenges are associated with using them, such as: 

  • Training requirement: Implementing a new system often requires extensive training and onboarding – staff need to understand how the tracker works and why it’s essential for their team. 
  • System compatibility: many trackers require additional hardware or software that may not be compatible with your existing systems. 
  • Privacy issues: Some employers worry about privacy issues when tracking employee attendance data – though most modern tools now have robust security features to protect this information. 
  • Employee morale: Some workers may feel that their attendance is being monitored too closely, and this could lead to feelings of mistrust.

To ensure a smooth transition, it’s important to involve staff in selecting an employee attendance tracker and ensure they understand why it’s being implemented.

Choosing the Best Employee Attendance Tracker: Factors to Consider

When selecting the best employee attendance tracker for your business, it’s important to consider the following factors: 

  • The number of users: First and foremost, consider the number of users. If you have a small business with only a handful of employees, you’ll likely want to opt for an employee attendance tracker designed specifically for smaller businesses. On the other hand, larger organizations should look at enterprise-level solutions that can handle large numbers of users.
  • Scalability: Choosing a scalable employee attendance tracker is essential – meaning it can grow with your business over time. This ensures your investment will remain valuable as your company expands or needs more advanced features. 
  • Cost: Employee attendance trackers vary greatly – some are free, some offer a one-time purchase or subscription model, and others come with a hefty price tag. Choosing an employee attendance tracker that fits your budget while providing the necessary features is essential.
  • Features: Finally, consider the characteristics of each employee attendance tracker on your list. Different solutions will have different capabilities – so read up on the details before deciding. Look for mobile access, time entry options (like biometric scanners), reporting capabilities, and more to maximize your investment. 

Top 8 Employee Attendance Trackers in 2023

Fortunately, businesses have a wealth of attendance tracking options in 2023. From comprehensive software solutions to time-saving mobile apps – there’s something for every budget and preference. Here are the top 8 employee attendance trackers for your business: 

1. – Overall the Best Employee Attendance Tracker in 2023 being one of the best employee attendance trackers is an all-in-one employee attendance tracking system that is our number one pick. This comprehensive software solution offers various features, such as attendance tracking, timesheet management, and leave management. Moreover, it also integrates with popular payroll systems such as QuickBooks and Xero for seamless payroll processing. 

For businesses looking to go beyond attendance tracking- is a perfect choice; you can easily monitor employee performance and productivity in real time using its intuitive dashboard feature – allowing your team to focus on what matters– driving business results! 


  • Employee attendance tracking with schedule planner
  • Time tracking with automated and manual entries
  • Time sheets with configurable mobile apps for clock-in and clock-out
  • GPS and biometric validation to prevent time theft
  • Comprehensive cost and billing reports for project profitability analysis
  • Project reports with detailed information on the progress
  • Resource allocation and planning
  • Overtime calculation and management
  • Customizable late-entry and early-exit tolerance and reporting
  • Integration with payroll and leave management systems
  • Real-time dashboard for performance tracking
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Compliance reports for audit trailing
  • Cloud-storage to help manage data securely


  • Time and attendance tracking: $4 per user/month
  • Project time tracking: $6 per user/month


2. Buddy Punch – Attendance Tracker with Various Authentication Measures

Buddy Punch time clock dashboard | one of the best employee attendance trackers

Buddy Punch is another comprehensive employee attendance tracker that offers various authentication measures such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and QR codes. This makes it ideal for businesses looking to eliminate buddy punching and other time-wasting activities. 

Moreover, Buddy Punch also includes a time clock feature that allows employees to record their in/out times easily.


  • Flexible time tracking with multiple authentication measures like facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and QR codes. 
  • Employee scheduling tool to easily manage shift assignments 
  • Time clock for easy in/out recording 
  • Comprehensive reports for better insights into employee performance 
  • Leave management system integrated with payroll systems such as QuickBooks and Xero  
  • Customizable alerts and notifications for compliance purposes


Starts from $2.99 per user/month and an additional base fee of $19/month

3. TimeTracker by eBillity – Cross-platform Time and Attendance Tracker

Team attendance management on TimeTracker by eBillity | one of the best employee attendance trackers

TimeTracker by eBillity is a cloud-based time and attendance tracking solution that can be accessed from any device. This allows businesses to easily manage their employee attendance no matter where they are located. 

The software also includes features such as shift scheduling, overtime tracking, leave management, and more – making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to simplify their attendance process.


  • Time and attendance tracking with employee scheduling 
  • Comprehensive dashboard for monitoring activities and performance 
  • GPS-enabled clock-in/clock-out feature with automated notifications  
  • Multi-factor authentication for improved security 
  • Integration with payroll systems like ADP, Ceridian, Gusto, etc. 
  • Cost analysis reports to compare project profitability across clients  


Starts from $9 per user/month

4. Deel – Suitable for Businesses with Both Full-time and Contractual Employees

Deel employee portal | one of the best employee attendance trackers

Deel is an excellent choice for businesses with both full-time and contractual employees. This web-based solution provides an easy way for employers to manage attendance, payroll, and other HR activities in one place. It also includes features such as leave management and employee performance tracking, which makes it ideal for companies looking to streamline their operations. 


  • Full range of HR and payroll software and administrative support
  • Attendance tracking with geofencing & facial recognition 
  • Leave management and employee scheduling system
  • Integration with accounting, HRIS, and ERP systems 
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities for attendance monitoring 
  • Real-time tracking of working hours and overtime calculations 
  • Automated alerts for leaves and absences to ensure compliance 
  • Mobile app for easy clock-in/clock-out from any location  


Starts from $599 if you use Deel’s direct support for hiring and managing employees. 

5. Wrike – Attendance Tracking with Project Management

Wrike project management dashboard | one of the best employee attendance trackers

Wrike is a reputed project management software that also provides attendance tracking. It allows you to monitor employee activity in real time and easily track their working hours and overtime. 

What’s more? With Wrike, businesses can easily assign tasks to team members and get automated updates on project progress – making it ideal for collaboration-driven teams. 


  • Task automation and workflow
  • Resource planning and allocation
  • Integrated time tracking for accurate billing
  • Document sharing
  • Gantt chart view of project timelines
  • Reporting with real-time data updates on projects/employee performance
  • Customizable task templates to quickly assign tasks to employees or teams.
  • Collaboration tools like group chat, video conferencing, and shared notes.  


Starts from $9.80 per user/month. Basic features are free for small teams. 

6. Monday – Attendance Tracking with Task and Workflow Management

Monday project management window has made its name as one of the leading project management tools, offering an impressive attendance tracking system too. The software integrates with various task and workflow management tools to allow you to manage your team’s attendance in real-time. Moreover, its visual dashboard provides a clear overview of who is working when – making it easy to monitor performance.


  • Various project management functionalities
  • Project analytics for insights and improved decision-making
  • Time tracking with automated entries
  • Configurable attendance policy to ensure compliance 
  • GPS and biometric validation to prevent time theft 
  • Resource allocations and planning features 
  • Integration with payroll systems for accurate cost calculations 
  • Real-time dashboard for performance tracking 
  • Automated alerts and notifications  


Team plans start from $30 for three users per month.  

7. ClockShark – Excellent for Teams with On-field Employees

ClockShark mobile app and time clock window

ClockShark is a great attendance tracker for businesses with on-field employees. This cloud-based solution offers various features such as GPS tracking, job site time tracking, and automated payroll processing – allowing you to monitor your team’s productivity in real time without having to manually record their timesheets. 


  • GPS-enabled time tracking for on-field employees 
  • Automated clock-in and clock-out with geo-fencing 
  • Overtime alerts to prevent costly labor violations 
  • Onsite job tracking for construction sites, warehouses, and more 
  • Comprehensive payroll reports with job costs, labor details, and other metrics 
  • Automated shift reminders to ensure peak performance from your team 
  • Dashboard management tools to track attendance in real-time 
  • Customized leave policies tailored to company needs Online timesheets that can be shared or emailed directly 


Pro plan starts from $30/month

8. Beebole – Simple and Intuitive Attendance Management App

Beebole calendar view window

Beebole stands out among the rest with its simple yet intuitive attendance management app. With this powerful software solution, businesses can easily record employee in/out times, track absences and lateness, generate reports, and more – all from a single platform! The app is easy to use and set up; you can even customize it according to your specific business needs. 


  • Attendance tracking with time and location stamps
  • GPS validation to ensure accurate geolocation data
  • Integration with payroll systems for seamless attendance reporting
  • Shift scheduling and resource planning tools
  • Comprehensive cost & billing analysis reports
  • Customizable late-entry & early-exit tolerance settings
  • Alerts & notifications for discrepancies in attendance records


Starts from €6.99 per user/month

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Wrap-Up: Take Control of Attendance with the Best Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee attendance trackers are revolutionizing the way businesses manage their workforce. With real-time and accurate data, enhanced security, simplified scheduling and shift planning, smoother workflow management, increased productivity, and regulatory compliance, attendance tracking software has become a must-have for any forward-thinking business in 2023. With the top 8 employee attendance trackers we’ve discussed, you can choose the perfect solution for your business and take control of attendance tracking like never before. 

If you want to take your productivity to the next level, sign up for today to experience all the benefits of the platform firsthand and see why so many people trust to help them stay on top of their work. Don’t wait any longer to boost your productivity and achieve your goals – join the community today!