Revolutionize Your Construction Projects: The Top 10 Time Tracking Software Solutions of 2023

Time is of the essence in the construction industry, and leveraging technology can help you maximize efficiency. In 2023, a plethora of software solutions will be designed to revolutionize your projects. From general contractors to subcontractors and project managers alike, construction time tracking software offers a range of solutions to streamline construction project management and save time and money. 

In this article, we’ll review the top 10 time-tracking programs available in 2023 – enabling you to optimize productivity and ensure successful completion on schedule and within budget.

Throughout the article, we’ll discuss: 

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What Are The Top Features of Construction Time Tracking Software?

The best construction time tracking software will provide various features to maximize efficiency and optimize workflow. You can categorize them into two main categories: 

1. Project Management

Project management in the construction industry requires careful planning, organizing, and monitoring of tasks. With the right software solutions, you’ll be able to:

  • Assign tasks: First, task assignment capabilities are a primary requirement for good project management software. This feature will allow you to assign tasks and roles for each team member in a project, helping keep everyone on the same page.
  • Schedule & manage jobs: The best construction time-tracking software will provide an easy way to schedule projects and manage resources. You can set realistic timelines and job deadlines, as well as track progress with ease. 
  • Track progress: Being able to track progress is essential for monitoring the success of any project. Good construction time tracking software will enable you to monitor milestones and review detailed reports of completed work, making it easier to identify potential issues before they become serious problems.
  • Analyze data: Data analysis is vital when it comes to construction. The right software will offer analytical tools to track and measure performance, helping you make informed decisions quickly and accurately. 
  • Manage resource allocation: With the right software, you can easily manage resources for each project. This includes tracking labor costs, materials used, equipment needed, etc., allowing for better budgeting and more efficient use of time and money. 
  • Monitor safety & compliance: Construction projects often require strict adherence to safety standards and regulations to be successful. Construction time tracking software can help ensure that all your projects comply with applicable laws and regulations, keeping everyone safe on the job site.
  • Optimize budgets and timelines: Finally, construction time tracking software should help you optimize budgets and timelines for each project. With the right tools, you can ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget – helping to maximize profits and minimize risks. Project management is essential in construction projects

2. Time Tracking

Time tracking is an essential component of project management. The right software solutions will enable you to track accurately: 

  • Labor hours 
  • Equipment usage 
  • Material costs 
  • Travel expenses  

In addition, the following features are essential for effective time tracking in a construction project. 

  • Biometric and GPS authentication: As workers and tradespersons move around the construction sites, it’s essential to maintain a secure environment and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Biometric authentication and GPS tracking offer the highest level of security. It also helps you prevent any time-tracking fraud.
  • Flexible reporting: Time tracking software should enable you to generate various reports for stakeholders. Customizing and configuring the reports is essential for efficient project management. 
  • Integrations with other systems: It’s essential to seamlessly integrate time-tracking software and other solutions such as payroll, accounting, or ERP systems. This will help automate tasks and reduce human errors
  • Mobile app-based time clock: Construction workers often move around the sites, and having a reliable mobile app-based time clock helps them track their hours accurately.
  • Construction time cards: Time cards allow you to track and monitor employee attendance, overtime hours, and more.
  • Entry and exit notification: As a construction project manager, you must know who is on-site and when. This feature helps you monitor personnel for safety and compliance.

Now that we understand the essential features of construction time tracking software let’s look at the ten best construction time tracking software available in 2023.

10 Best Construction Time Tracking Software Of 2023

We have rigorously researched and analyzed the best construction time tracking software available in 2023. Here are our top 10 picks: 

1. – Overall The Best Time Tracking Software For Construction is our top pick for construction time tracking software in 2023. It lets you track employee hours and ensure you pay accurately and on time. You can also manage payroll, performance reviews, and attendance records – all with a few clicks. is the best overall time tracking software for construction 

You will find plenty of features for efficiently managing your construction projects. GPS and biometric authentication will ensure employees are where they should be and when. The software also allows you to easily oversee budgeting, scheduling, and forecasting. Its mobile app makes it easy for remote workers to log their time on the go.



  • Time and project tracking: $6 per user/month
  • Attendance and time tracking: $4 per user/month

2. Zoho Project – Full-fledged Project Management with Construction Time Tracking

Zoho Project is an all-in-one project management tool with features that help you effectively manage your construction projects. The software provides robust time-tracking capabilities that enable you to track employee hours, work overtime, and generate accurate payroll reports.

Zoho Project offers project management with construction time tracking
Source: Zoho Project

In addition to time tracking, Zoho Project offers features like task management, project planning, and collaboration tools. The software’s chat feature lets you communicate with your team members in real-time.


  • Time tracking and payroll management
  • Project planning with Gantt chart view 
  • Task management and collaboration tools 
  • Resource scheduling and cost estimation 
  • Integrations with over 300 third-party apps


Starts from $5 per user/month

3. ClockShark – Construction Time Tracker for Small Teams

ClockShark is an excellent choice for small construction teams needing reliable time-tracking software. The software offers a mobile app that lets workers clock in and out from job sites, allowing you to track employee hours and ensure that you are paying them accurately.

ClockShark is ideal for small construction project teams
Source: ClockShark

ClockShark also has a robust scheduling feature that lets you assign tasks and projects to specific employees, ensuring everyone knows what they should be working on. 


  • Time tracking with clock-in and out options 
  • Employee attendance management and job costing 
  • Real-time data access from any device 
  • Project progress reports with real-time insights 
  • GPS tracking for location verification 


Starts from $16 per user/month (including one user and one admin account)

4. TMetric – Excellent Payroll Management with Time Tracking

TMetric is a construction time-tracking solution with powerful payroll management features. This software allows you to quickly manage employee hours and generate accurate payroll reports. It also helps you track overtime hours and manage vacation requests in one place.

TMetric provides payroll management and time tracking for construction
Source: TMetric

TMetric has an intuitive dashboard where you can quickly add new employees or edit existing ones. You can also use the app to monitor your team’s real-time performance and productivity as they work on projects. The mobile app version makes it easy for remote workers to log their time from anywhere. 


  • Time tracking with detailed reports and billing options 
  • Project management features like task assignment, resource allocation, etc. 
  • Integrations with third-party accounting software 
  • GPS tracking for location verification 
  • Employee attendance monitoring and performance reviews  


Starts from $5 per user/month

5. Connecteam – Suitable for Large Construction Projects

Connecteam is an excellent time-tracking software for managing large construction projects. Its features are designed to help you manage multiple teams and keep track of their progress. The tool can create workflows, assign tasks, and monitor employee performance. 

Connecteam is suitable time tracker for large construction projects
Source: Connecteam

Connecteam has many features that come in handy when dealing with large projects. It offers GPS tracking, so you know exactly where your team members are at any given time. The time card app also allows you to generate reports on labor costs, overtime hours, and more from one dashboard.


  • Time tracking with customizable time cards 
  • Real-time data access from any device 
  • Project planning and task management features 
  • Employee scheduling and attendance tracking 
  • GPS location verification for clock-in/out  


Free for up to ten users. 

6. Quickbooks Time – Highly Capable Accounts and Billing Management Features

Quickbooks Time is an excellent software for construction companies that need to manage their finances. It lets you track employee hours, generate invoices, and manage payrolls. The software also allows you to set up different billing rates for employees and clients.

Quickbooks Time eases accounts and budget management along with time tracking for construction 
Source: Quickbooks Time

Its reports will help you monitor your profit margins and budget efficiently. You can also use its mobile app for tracking time when you are away from the office. With Quickbooks Time, managing your accounts has never been easier or more efficient!


  • Time tracking with accounts and billing 
  • Integrations with QuickBooks Accounting software 
  • Customizable invoicing and payment processing 
  • Project planning, task management, and collaboration tools  
  • Employee scheduling, payroll management, and attendance tracking
  • Automated construction time card approvals 
  • Data insights and reporting for construction projects 
  • Mobile app and customer portal 


Starts from $8.50 per user/month

7. ExakTime – Online Time Tracker with Worker Management

If you’re looking for easy and reliable time-tracking software for your construction site, ExakTime is a great choice. It lets you track employee hours and accurately calculate payroll – all in one place.

ExakTime lets you schedule and manage time of construction workers
Source: ExakTime

The software also offers powerful worker management features to help you manage employees’ attendance records, performance reviews, and other vital information. You can create custom schedules to ensure workers are where they should be on time. The mobile app also supports offline mode and lets you track time from anywhere.


  • Integrations with popular HR and payroll software systems  
  • Geofencing for location tracking 
  • Biometric authentication for time clock start/stop  
  • Task management and job site communication tools   
  • Photo capture to document construction progress  
  • Construction project reports with detailed data insights   


Starts from $8 per user/month and $50/month base fee. 

8. Buddy Punch – Authenticated Time Tracker with GPS

Buddy Punch offers robust time-tracking capabilities with GPS tracking. It provides a secure way to track employee hours, overtime, and absences – all in real-time.

Buddy Punch offers easy and intuitive time clock
Source: Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch lets you prevent time fraud with its biometric and GPS authentication feature. With the software, you can easily run payroll reports and generate accurate invoices. 


  • GPS tracking for time clock start/stop  
  • Fingerprint and facial recognition authentication  
  • Employee scheduling and payroll management   
  • Integrations with popular HR software systems   
  • Project reports with data insights  
  • Accounts receivable and billing integration 


Starts from $2.99 per user/month

9. Hubstaff – Time and Payroll Management Software for Construction Sites

Hubstaff is one of the construction site’s most reputed time and payroll management software. It lets you track employee hours, manage overtime pay, and generate accurate payroll reports.

Hubstaff lets you manage construction project time and payroll
Source: Hubstaff


The software also offers GPS tracking, activity monitoring, and timesheet approvals. With its task assignment feature, you can assign tasks to your team members and ensure they are completed on time.


  • Time tracking with payroll and billing management 
  • Integrations with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks  
  • Project reports, timesheets, and invoicing tools 
  • Employee scheduling, attendance monitoring, and payroll management 
  • Worker GPS tracking for location-based timecards  
  • Data insights to track productivity levels of workers on construction sites  


Paid version starts from $7 per user/month 

10. Time Doctor – Good for Worker Attendance and Schedule Management

Time Doctor allows you to monitor employee activities, track attendance, and manage work schedules. Its powerful reporting feature helps you stay on top of project progress and budgets. 

Time Doctor maintains and manages schedule with ease
Source: Time Doctor

Time Doctor also provides analytics tools that give you an in-depth view of your team’s performance over time.  Moreover, the tool integrates with popular accounting and payroll systems like QuickBooks and Xero.


  • Time tracking with employee attendance management 
  • Integrations with payroll and accounting software  
  • Employee scheduling, task management, and collaboration tools  
  • Worker performance tracking with data-driven insights 
  • Configurable alerts for late entries and early exits  


Starts from $7 per user/month

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Wrap-Up: Maximize Productivity at Your Construction Site

An ideal construction time tracking software can bring immense value to a construction project. By implementing one of the above mentioned tools, you can ensure that your team works harmoniously – optimizing performance and increasing profitability. 

Work smarter, not harder! The correct construction time tracking software will help you save money and time while ensuring successful completion on schedule and within budget. 

Our top pick for the best construction time tracking software of 2023 is – its intuitive interface, comprehensive features, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness make it perfect for your construction project needs. Sign up today and maximize productivity at your construction site!