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Boosting Success: The Advantages of Time Tracker for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Are you a freelancer or small business owner looking to maximize your workday, manage your time effectively, and increase your profits? If so, it’s time to take charge with a time tracker for freelancers! 

Whether you’re an independent contractor, a consultant, or running a team of employees, tracking your hours can help you gain insight into how you spend your days, streamline processes and make informed decisions that’ll propel your venture forward. 

In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of using a time tracker for freelancers and entrepreneurs, provide advice on picking the best tool for the job, plus recommend some top-notch time-tracking apps to help you take the reins of your success.

We’ll cover the following topics: 

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How Does Time Tracking Work for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Time tracking is an invaluable tool for freelancers and small business owners. It’s a way to measure and manage your time on tasks, projects, and other activities. By keeping tabs on how much time you dedicate to each job or task, you can optimize your productivity and ensure that no detail slips through the cracks. 

Time tracking apps provide an easy way to keep tabs on everything from hours spent working in general to break times, vacations, meetings with clients or colleagues, etc. They also help ensure accuracy when billing customers since they give you a precise record of what you worked on and when.

10 Key Benefits of Using a Time Tracker for Freelancers

Time tracking isn’t just for corporate environments. Freelancers and small business owners can also benefit enormously from using a time tracker. Here are the top ten benefits of using a time tracker for freelancers: 

1. More Control Over Workflow

Unlike workers in a corporate environment, freelancers and small business owners don’t have the luxury of having someone else manage their workflow. Time tracking helps you take charge of your daily tasks by giving you a better understanding of how much time each activity requires to complete. This allows you to estimate future workloads more accurately and plan accordingly.

2. Better Productivity Management

Time tracking also gives freelancers and entrepreneurs an easy way to measure their productivity over time. By tracking how long it takes to complete specific tasks, you can identify areas where improvements can be made to work faster or increase efficiency. 

You’ll also be able to compare your performance with other freelancers or team members and identify any bottlenecks that could hamper your business’s progress.

3. Better Estimation of Time and Cost

A time tracking software for freelancers also gives you more accurate estimations when bidding on projects or invoicing clients. By understanding how long tasks take to complete, you can assign reasonable rates to ensure profitability while still being competitive in the marketplace. You can eliminate the guesswork of pricing, and it helps you maintain consistent rates.

4. Helpful for Invoicing & Billing

Time tracking can also help freelancers create accurate invoices quickly. With an organized system of logging your hours, you can identify how much time was spent on each project and assign a cost accordingly. This helps minimize billing errors and simplifies payment processing for both parties involved. 

Plus, with many time-tracking apps offering automated invoice generation, you won’t have to worry about keeping track manually or dealing with paperwork anymore! 

5. Ability to Track Multiple Projects Simultaneously 

As a freelancer, you may have multiple projects on the go. Keeping track of the time spent on each one can quickly become overwhelming. However, with a time-tracking app for freelancers, you can manage your workflow more efficiently and accurately monitor how much time is used for every task or project. You’ll be able to identify any areas that require improvement and prioritize tasks accordingly. 

6. Identify Areas for Profit Increase 

Time trackers also help maintain a better work-life balance by allowing freelancers to manage their hours better and take breaks when needed. By understanding how much time has been spent on a project, you can ensure you don’t become overworked or burned out. Moreover, it allows for more efficient utilization of free time and helps freelancers manage their schedules better. 

7. Clear and Transparent Communication with Clients

Your clients will appreciate the transparency and clarity of your communication. With a time tracker app, you can provide detailed reports that prove how much time has been spent on their project. This will help build trust between both parties and ensure clear expectations are met on both sides.

8. Accurate Estimation and Forecasts

Analyzing the past history of time spent on projects will help freelancers and small business owners accurately estimate how much time a certain project may take. Online time tracking for freelancers makes it easier to provide more accurate estimates for future projects and plan resources accordingly. 

9. Improved Work-life Balance

Time tracking can help freelancers and small business owners achieve better work-life balance. By monitoring how much time is spent on different activities, entrepreneurs can set realistic goals, prioritize tasks, and create a sustainable schedule that allows for personal time as well. 

10. Reports for Profitability Analysis

Using a time tracker can provide invaluable insight into the profitability of certain projects or clients. Analyzing time-tracking reports can show which projects are more profitable than others, helping entrepreneurs make informed decisions when taking on new jobs or bidding for contracts. 

Time Tracking App for Freelancers: Must-have Features

A time tracker for freelancers and small business owners should come with all the features needed to accurately track your hours. Here are some of the essential elements you’ll need: 

  • Detailed Timesheets
  • Multiple Time Tracking Options
  • Project Management 
  • Invoice and Reporting Tools 
  • Team Collaboration Features 
  • Mobile Accessibility 
  • Integrations with Other Platforms.

3 Best Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Freelancers can choose from various time tracking apps to suit their specific needs. Below are a few of the best time tracking apps for freelancers and small business owners. 

1. Day.io – Overall, the Best Time Tracking App for Freelancers

Day.io offers all the features you need in a time tracker for freelancers. It’s easy to use, with simple tracking tools and intuitive reporting capabilities. You can customize your reports with labels and colors to better analyze your data.

Freelancers can easily use the customizable time clock to log their hours, and the app will track time spent on projects and tasks. You can also manage multiple tasks for each client with Day.io’s intuitive project management features. 

Day.io also allows you to set billable and non-billable times, especially for those who bill by the hour or offer multiple services to their clients. 


  • Customizable time clock for easy clock-in and clock-out
  • Time-tracking for individuals and teams
  • GPS and WiFi authentications
  • Paid time off calculation and approval management
  • Projects and timesheets with real-time project and time data
  • Detailed project reports for contractors and clients
  • Project cost and billing estimation and data-driven insights
  • Compatibility with major project management platforms 


  • Time and attendance tracking: $4 per user/month
  • Project time tracking: $6 per user/month

2. FreshBooks – Excellent Invoicing and Time Tracking Software for Freelancers

FreshBooks is an excellent tool for freelancers and small business owners who want to manage their time tracking and invoicing in one place. FreshBooks offers powerful time tracking tools like project timers, task lists, team clocks, and detailed reports on billable hours. You can also easily customize your invoice templates with a button. 


  • Project timers and task lists
  • Team Clocks to help you stay organized 
  • Detailed timesheets and invoices 
  • Integration with a variety of payment systems, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, and more 
  • Invoicing capabilities for one-time payments or recurring billing cycles


  • Lite: $6.80 per user/month (up to 5 clients)
  • Plus: $12 per user/month (up to 50 clients)
  • Premium: $22 per user/month (unlimited clients)

3. Timeneye – Project Management and Online Time Tracking for Freelancers

Timeneye is a solid option for freelancers and small business owners who need help with project management and online time tracking. Timeneye allows you to easily track your hours, billable tasks, expenses, and more in one place. You can also use the app to monitor team performance and productivity over time. 


  • Real-time project tracking and monitoring 
  • Time tracking with detailed reports 
  • Task management tools to help you stay organized
  • Integration with major invoicing platforms and Microsoft Suite
  • Expense tracking and billing capabilities 
  • Easy collaboration between team members 


$7 per user/month. 

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Wrap-up: Take Control of Your Profitability with Time Tracker for Freelancers

Time tracking empowers freelancers and small business owners to take control of their profitability. By monitoring how you spend your time, you can identify where resources are being wasted, set realistic goals for yourself and your team, and make informed decisions that will boost productivity and help you reach your targets. 

With the right time-tracking app in place, you’ll have all the tools necessary to measure performance, maximize efficiency, manage tasks effectively—and ultimately—take charge of success.

Day.io packs a powerful punch for freelancers with built-in invoicing, client management, and project tracking features. Try Day.io today and get started on the path to success.