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Discover The Benefits Of SAP SuccessFactors: The Ultimate ERP Solution

Imagine a human resources department having to manually track employee data, from onboarding to performance management and beyond. It’s a tedious and time-consuming task that could take days or even weeks. Fortunately, gone are the days of relying on manual labor and outdated software to manage enterprise resource planning (ERP).

The introduction of current cloud-based ERP solutions has made the process much simpler and more efficient. Because we don’t want you to miss out on the benefits of modern ERP solutions integrated with our time tracking software, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the power of SAP SuccessFactors, which will cover:

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First Things First: What is SAP SuccessFactors?

If your HR team had to use separate platforms for all of the company’s processes, it would all be too much to handle – and this is where SAP SuccessFactors comes into play. Instead of using different tools for human capital management (HCM), SAP SuccessFactors makes it easier by providing an all-in-one platform for HR teams. 

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution from SAP, a premier global provider of business technology solutions. SuccessFactors provides organizations with integrated tools to manage their entire employee life cycle, including steps such as: 

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • Promotions
  • Payrolls
  • Performance reviews

With its suite of tools and modules, SAP SuccessFactors simplifies the process of managing employees’ data and streamlines operations across departments. 

A Quick History of SuccessFactors and SAP

Founded by Lars Dalgaard in 2001, SuccessFactors was initially a cloud-based HCM company, working only with small and medium-sized businesses. SAP later acquired SAP SuccessFactors in 2012, integrating it into its existing suite of ERP solutions. Ever since then, the acquisition became a vital part of the company’s strategy to expand its offerings in SaaS-based solutions for enterprise customers.

What is SAP SuccessFactors Used For: Its Key Features 

You now have an idea of what SAP SuccessFactors is. Interested in seeing how you can use SAP SuccessFactors? Companies all over the world rely on this ERP tool to manage their entire employee life cycle due to the following features and capabilities: 

1. Core HR Functions

SAP SuccessFactors’ core HR functions help organizations to manage employee data, from onboarding all the way through retirement. It also helps with payroll by providing comprehensive reporting and analytics that enable companies to make informed decisions about their workforce. 

With its employee central, processing tickets and inquiries is made easier with a self-service portal, helping to streamline the employee experience. 

For payroll, which is probably the most important HR function, SAP SuccessFactors provides automated payroll calculations and integrates with other systems such as tax services. This helps to ensure accurate payments on time and allows for better visibility of employee data. 

2. Performance Management

To enable organizations to set goals, measure progress, provide feedback, and analyze results, SuccessFactors’ performance management feature provides a comprehensive suite of tools. 

It helps to align goals with the organization’s strategy and ensure that employees are working towards the same objectives. The performance review process is also streamlined, allowing for more effective feedback to be provided in a timely manner. Additionally, the reporting and analytics feature enables managers to track progress and measure results on an individual or team-level basis. 

3. Learning and Career Development

Training departments can say goodbye to outsourcing and manual tracking as SAP SuccessFactors provides a comprehensive learning management system. This helps to ensure that all employees have access to the resources they need for their development. Supervisors can create programs and courses that are accessible to all employees and track their progress. 

SuccessFactors also helps with career development, allowing HR teams to identify the skills of each employee and provide feedback that can be used for future promotions or job changes. For this one, SAP SuccessFactors modules focus heavily on planning and development, ensuring that each employee is on the right path for their future. 

4. Workforce and Schedule Management

SAP SuccessFactors also helps organizations better manage their workforce and create schedules. With its time and attendance module, HR teams can even track time offs and vacation days (on top of overtime and hours worked) to ensure compliance with labor laws. 

The scheduling module enables supervisors to assign shifts and tasks based on employee availability and skillset, helping them plan ahead in order to make sure that all the right employees are in the right place at the right time. 

With all these features, SAP SuccessFactors provides organizations with an end-to-end employee life cycle management solution. But which particular areas will benefit most from its use?

Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors 

Organizations that want to ensure their employees are well-aligned with organizational goals and objectives, as well as those who need to manage a large workforce or streamline the performance review process, will find particular value in SAP SuccessFactors. Here are the key benefits: 

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings 

Would you rather have managers and supervisors focus on more strategic tasks rather than mundane administrative ones? SAP SuccessFactors can help. With its automated processes, organizations can save time and money on manual tasks such as tracking employee hours or creating schedules. 

Meanwhile, employees can access resources more quickly and easily, reducing the need for training and development costs. This means that organizations can reinvest those savings into other areas of their business. 

Better Outlook on Employee Performance, Measures to Take, and Career Development 

The performance review process is made easier and more effective with SAP SuccessFactors. Managers can provide timely feedback and help employees identify areas of improvement. This helps to create a better outlook on employee performance, enabling teams to take measures that will benefit everyone in the long run. 

As for career development, SAP SuccessFactors allows HR teams to track each employee’s skillset and provide guidance accordingly. This ensures that individuals have access to the resources they need for their growth while helping organizations retain top talent in the long term.

With a better view of how the entire organization is performing, management can know the next steps to take for better performance and productivity. SuccessFactors makes this easy with an intuitive report and analytics system to quickly identify trends and insights. 

Streamlined Timekeeping and Compensation Processes

For employees to have accurate records of their work hours and compensation, SAP SuccessFactors offers a comprehensive solution. With its automated processes, employees can easily track their time and submit detailed reports for review. Meanwhile, HR teams have greater visibility into employee workloads to make sure that everyone is fairly compensated for their efforts. This eliminates manual paperwork and minimizes errors in payroll calculations.

Payment options are also more secure and streamlined with SAP SuccessFactors, as it integrates with third-party systems to facilitate payments. Having this feature ensures that employees receive their wages on time without any unnecessary delays.

Better Sales Management

Some people may not believe that SAP SuccessFactors can help with sales management. But this is not true. With its integrated modules, organizations can track customer relationships and monitor the progress of deals more effectively. This helps to identify any potential issues early on and adjust strategies accordingly for better results.

Additionally, performance management tools provide insight into how individual sales reps are doing so that they can be rewarded or coached as needed. With territory and quota management systems in place, businesses can ensure that sales teams are on the right track and meeting their goals. 

Unmatched Scalability and Flexibility

Easily tailored to fit the unique needs of any organization, this tool is perfect for businesses that are growing fast or need to make changes quickly. It offers unmatched scalability and flexibility, allowing users to adjust the software as needed without having to start from scratch or buy additional hardware. SAP SuccessFactors is also available in multiple languages, so it can be used by organizations across the globe without any communication barriers.

Work-Life Balance for Everyone

SuccessFactors’ feature for work-life wellness is actually “Work-Life”, which features assessments, informative resources, and activity recommendations to help employees lead healthier lives. This is especially beneficial for remote workers who struggle to find a balance between their work and personal lives. 

The feature also enables managers to effectively receive feedback too via anonymized polls, ensuring that employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions. As a result, everyone will have the opportunity to be heard and taken seriously, avoiding a non-productive and exhausting work environment.

Its features prove to show that SAP SuccessFactors is not just about tracking project progress, performance management, and efficiency – it’s also about helping organizations cultivate a culture of work-life balance. But SAP doesn’t end there – it also offers a range of other tools and solutions to help businesses better manage their teams. 

Other Tools Offered by SAP

Aside from HR and performance management, SAP also offers a range of other tools that can help businesses streamline their operations. These include solutions for many types of industries, including the following: 

Financial and Compliance

From tax management, financial reporting, and budgeting to compliance management, SAP can help businesses keep track of their finances. With its integrated systems, organizations can easily monitor their financial performance and make sure they are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. 

CRM Solutions

Marketing and sales, being common areas of focus, can both benefit from SAP tools. With a sales cloud, businesses can better manage customer relationships and track progress on deals. Marketing, customer data, commerce, and service tools and features are also available. 

App Development and Automation

With SAP Build, organizations can quickly and easily develop custom apps to meet their specific needs without the need for extensive knowledge of coding. These applications are cloud-based and can be deployed on any device, making them accessible anywhere. 

You can also use drag-and-drop features to streamline processes and reduce the need for manual input. By automating your workflows, you can save time and money while also increasing productivity. 

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Take Your Business to the Next Level: The and SAP SuccessFactors Services Integration

It’s easily a match made by the gods:, with its intuitive and user-friendly calendar and task management capabilities, paired with SAP SuccessFactors’ powerful suite of HR solutions to boost efficiency and performance. With their integration, you can make the most out of your organization’s resources while staying on top of every detail in your business operations. 

Here are just some of the benefits that come with integrating these two amazing tools: 

  • Easier integration of organizational structures: No need to register user profiles manually, as the integration takes care of it by automatically copying your SuccessFactors organizational structure to
  • Faster payroll exports: and SAP SuccessFactors can be integrated to generate payroll exports faster, reducing manual work for your HR team. Time tracked via is automatically reflected in SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Cross-platform punch clock: With integrated punch clock functionality, you can easily track time and attendance from any device. Employees can also access their timesheet data on mobile devices.
  • Compliance-safe data: All data is stored securely and compliantly, with tight integration between the two tools ensuring that any sensitive information stays safe. Adhering to the standards of LGPD, GDPR, and CCPA, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

With a combination of a powerful HR platform and an optimal time tracking system, you can make sure your business is running smoothly and efficiently. The best thing about these two is that both offer some sort of demo or trial period so you can see what their integration looks like and how it could benefit your organization.

At, you can also upgrade to a paid plan to unlock more features and get the full benefits of their integration with SAP SuccessFactors. Make sure to contact SAP first to discuss the demo, prices, and your specific requirements, and then explore the possibilities of combining two powerful tools to take your business to the next level.