The Best Time Tracking App For Small Businesses

When it comes to running your small business, tracking the hours spent on projects is a simple yet effective way to ensure your operations run smoothly. Time tracking apps enable small business owners to increase their productivity, time management skills, and workflow.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what makes time tracking so important in today’s world of business. Keep reading to discover how time tracking apps work, the best features of, and how you can get started implementing a time tracking app in your small business.

Why is Time Tracking Essential for Business?

Time tracking has become normal practice for many businesses and enterprises — but how exactly do companies benefit from keeping track of their time, and what makes this habit so worthwhile?

Put simply, time tracking systems allow you to monitor time spent on projects and tasks throughout the day. Doing so can help an owner or business manager to determine whether employees are completing their work promptly and distributing their efforts effectively across projects.

Time tracking is an excellent way to keep employees accountable for time spent on tasks. It reveals the biggest time wasters throughout the day, such as social media browsing or long coffee breaks, and you can use this information to redesign your business for a more efficient workflow.

As time tracking apps log important information about your employees’ work habits, they can protect your employees from internal disputes over their hours and pay. You can use the data from whichever tracking app you use to provide clear evidence and put conflicts to rest.

Another reason time tracking is so essential for businesses is that it provides you with useful, actionable data that can help you make decisions that better your company and predict business trends that will help you succeed.

Many time trackers are easy to use and don’t require much effort on anyone’s part. Once implemented correctly into your daily work routines, you will have access to accurate payroll data, fair workload distribution, data on how time is spent during working hours, and real-time monitoring of employee performance levels throughout the day.

How Do Time Tracking Apps Work?

Time tracking apps are easy to use, and many are available on your phone or computer so they can be used anywhere and anytime during the day. Some apps are also compatible with other team management and accounting software, which makes it easy to integrate these systems into your business practices.

These apps follow a fairly simple process. As your team monitors their time spent on various tasks throughout their workday, the information is then fed into time management software. From there, managers can see how much time employees have spent working compared to how long they’ve taken breaks or worked overtime.

How to Implement Time Tracking in Your Business

Implementing a new time tracking system into your business may seem redundant at first, especially if you already have a time management system in place. It may even seem like an added hassle you simply don’t have time to arrange.

Once implemented correctly, however, you’ll quickly see the benefits of these systems as they improve your company workflows and provide valuable data. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Get Everyone Onboard

The first thing you need to do when implementing a time tracking system in your business is to make your team aware of the change. Explain the benefits of time tracking to your employees, such as payroll accuracy, fair workload distribution, and increased accountability. Knowing the benefits of time tracking will motivate your employees to make the new system work.

Another thing you need to make clear when explaining how the new time tracking system will work is the goals and purpose of doing so. This way, everyone will be aware of what exactly you intend to achieve with this new system, and they will hopefully act accordingly.

Make time tracking fun for your employees where possible by offering incentives or rewards when they meet their time goals. If you’re able to get the whole team on board with time tracking in this way, it will be much easier to implement (and you’ll have more fun doing it!)

Set An Example

Your employees may be hesitant or confused with the new system at first, so it’s always good to practice what you preach and set a good example for them. Doing so will give them the confidence and understanding they need to start integrating time tracking into their daily work routines.

Get Feedback and Adjust

Once the time tracking system has been successfully implemented in your workplace, be sure to constantly monitor it and ask for feedback from your employees who are using the system. Use this feedback to make time tracking more efficient and effective for everyone.

As with any new system, you may encounter difficulties or setbacks along the way. If time tracking is proving to be ineffective or inefficient, simply make the necessary adjustments and try again. You will find what works best for your business through trial and error.

The Best Features of is the best time tracking app for small businesses with many intuitive and helpful features for both managers and employees.

Anti-Fraud System has a technically advanced system to help you prevent buddy punching and verify all logged hours. The anti-fraud system of verifies the user’s device, date, and time whenever they clock in, and it uses GPS verification, wifi verification, and IP verification to ensure time logs are always accurate.

You can easily set the parameters of these verification checks so they’re relevant to your business. This is especially helpful for businesses that have employees working remotely, as it will prevent time theft within the company and help you keep your employees accountable for their time spent at work.

User-friendly Interface makes time tracking possible on the go, but that isn’t the app’s only drawcard. It also provides many features to help streamline time management in your company, including being able to create and manage schedules where you can define flexible hours and monitor time and attendance.

To make your job easier still, also provides you with the option of receiving alerts for any excessive extra hours it finds suspicious. It offers a variety of notification options to suit your preferences.

Accessible Anywhere

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, you can easily punch in anywhere as is available on desktop, mobile, and even tablets. Being able to access the app on multiple devices makes time tracking simpler than ever before. also works offline, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to punch in if your signal is weak or the power is out. allows you to focus on your important projects — it does all the time tracking work for you.

Affordable and Practical

The tracker is incredibly affordable — perfect for small businesses! You can choose between a monthly or an annual plan. also takes into consideration the number of employees you have, so your plan is tailor-made for you and your business’ needs.

Final Thoughts is the time tracking app that every small business needs to stay productive and efficient at work. With many useful and innovative time management features, makes time tracking simple yet effective for your company! Learn more about by checking out our website today.