The Most Effective Employee Time Tracking Apps In 2022

Time tracking is an essential aspect of any company’s infrastructure because it allows companies to keep track of employee productivity. According to research, highly engaged and productive teams show 21% greater profitability.

In the increasingly competitive business world of today, employee productivity is one of the most powerful ways to measure how effective an employee is within their organization. It indicates whether they work efficiently and productively and shows how engaged they are.

With time tracking apps, you can keep tabs on the overall productivity of your team, making the necessary changes to optimize efficiency and improve outputs. Keep reading for a list of the best employee time tracking apps to try in 2022.

Time Tracking Innovation

Employee time tracking has become much easier now thanks to the steady trend towards cloud-based employee time tracking apps. Due to their increased prevalence, many companies are now opting for apps, departing from traditional employee time tracking methods like paper reporting or manual employee timesheets.

This move to app tracking is partly because apps increase transparency and give employees insight into how they spend their day, which can help improve workplace productivity even more so than before.

In addition to helping employers evaluate performance, these apps can also automatically generate invoices for payroll purposes. As long as there is a clear record of all tasks done by an employee, the employee time tracking software can use this data to generate employee reports.

However, not all employee time tracking apps are alike — some have a more limited selection of features, while others offer an extensive array of multi-use tools. For example, several employee time trackers offer geofencing, meaning that employees can track their time even if they’re not at their computers.

Others have employee timesheet approval functionalities that allow managers or supervisors to review employee submitted employee timesheets before approving them.

Time tracking apps are an innovation that any business can benefit from. With so many options to compare, however, which should you choose for your company?

The Most Effective Employee Time Tracking Apps in 2022


Ranked the best employee time tracking app, is a comprehensive and easy-to-use app that employees simply download onto their laptops and mobile devices. The app will automatically log their hours into the employee time tracker using geofencing technology.

What makes so effective is its extensive schedule management and creation capabilities. It allows managers to set employee schedules and then easily edit them if they are incorrect.

Another thing that separates from the pack is its employee time tracking app review feature, allowing managers or supervisors to carefully look over employee-submitted timesheets for errors or inconsistencies before approving them. also has an Anti-Fraud system with facial recognition confirmation and location verification to ensure employee honesty and prevent employee fraud. This, combined with the supervisor approval system, leaves less room for error and time theft when calculating payroll.

Several integrations are provided with many different business applications, like Basecamp 3, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Github, Quickbooks Online, and others. makes time tracking simple.

2. Harvest

Another employee time tracking app that is gaining more attention as of late is Harvest, a useful app that offers some excellent features like its Automatic Invoicing service. This feature allows managers to set employees’ working hours, track their hours automatically with geofences, and quickly generate invoices for payroll purposes.

With Harvest, managers or supervisors can create customized reports about employee productivity at the touch of a button. These reports can then be used later to monitor employee performance and adjust their schedule accordingly.

For example, an employee who isn’t being utilized enough could have their assigned tasks increased, or you might choose to promote them to a more demanding role. An employee who wastes time, on the other hand, might require productivity training.

Harvest’s employee time tracking app has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use, yet another reason why it ranks as one of the best employee time trackers out there.

It even offers employee mobile apps for iOS and Android, which means employees can keep track of their hours on the go.

3. Humanyze

The employee time tracking app Humanyze is useful for companies who require location-related tracking. It’s slightly different from the other apps mentioned here, as it is entirely employee-based and uses physical location tracking to keep tabs on employee whereabouts.

Humanyze uses employee sensors attached to employee badges which communicate with computers to track employee movements and activities. They help to determine the most efficient placement of employees in a given space.

Humanyze’s employee time tracking app also has several other features. Managers or supervisors can use it to monitor employee collaboration within teams, breaking down employees into smaller groups based on geographical location or project assignment.

This allows for more effective communication between employees working on various aspects of product development, whether they be salespeople, engineers, or a different kind of team altogether.

This employee time tracker offers its services through the cloud. There are employee time tracking apps, employee sensors in employee badges, and employee computers that help to track employee activity.

Using these three sources of information, Humanyze creates an employee scorecard to determine the most efficient employee placement for a given space and job type.

4. Clockify

Clockify is another employee time tracking app worth considering. It was designed to streamline employee time recording and employee timesheets.

This employee time tracker offers several enticing features. Its automatic break deduction feature means that managers or supervisors don’t have to deduct employee breaks from recorded working hours manually.

Another of Clockify’s helpful features is its employee GPS location tracking capability which can be used for various things like work hours scheduling and employee monitoring.

With Clockify, employee GPS locations can be saved as images using a picture of the actual workplace. The app also offers Google Calendar integration so that employees can factor in meetings and other commitments.

5. Hubstaff

For managers looking for a more complex employee time tracking app, one with a broader range of employee time tracking capabilities, Hubstaff is a time tracker worth considering.

This employee time tracking app offers detailed employee categories for different types of employees such as administrative, sales, or billing staff. It also tracks employee screenshots and activity levels, which means employee productivity will be easy to monitor even remotely.

Its GPS location tracking is a great feature as well, allowing managers or supervisors to see where their employees are at any given moment throughout the day. This way, they’re always aware of how much work each employee puts in on a daily basis.

How to choose the right employee time tracking app for your company?

When choosing the perfect employee time tracking app to suit your specific needs, there are several essential factors that you should take into consideration.

The first is employee mobility. You need to determine whether your employees work mainly in an office or if they are constantly on the go. If they’re the latter, you’ll need an employee time tracking app that can be used both on mobile devices and at your company’s main office.

The next factor to note is accuracy. Employee time tracking apps need to be highly accurate for them to be worth using, or employee productivity will drop while employee time recording will skyrocket.

When it comes to employee collaboration, there are some employee time trackers that are designed with this specific purpose in mind, while others are more productivity or employee GPS location tracking oriented. Make sure you get one that suits your company’s needs.

Lastly, there’s the cost to consider — this one is relatively self-explanatory. Before choosing an employee time tracking app, remember that different employee time trackers have different prices attached to them. You don’t need to break the bank, as there are plenty of options available to suit all budgets.

Why Choose is an employee time tracking app that meets all of the criteria mentioned above. It offers flexible plans, starting from $5 per employee per month. It also provides time-off management, project and task management, a chat system, employee GPS location monitoring, an anti-fraud system, and more.

You can opt to avail of their premium bundled time tracking and project tracking services which allow you to have dedicated support, white-labeled reports, SLA agreements, and other premium integrations.

Final Thoughts

Employee time tracking apps come with a plethora of benefits for your company. As a manager or employee, being able to monitor employee productivity and billable working hours means saving time for more important tasks.

The key is finding out which employee time tracker app will offer your company the most advantages at an affordable rate. Luckily, offers both price-friendly plans and an easy-to-use employee time tracking app perfect for companies of all types and sizes!